Homeschool Christmas Break Begins…

Homeschool Christmas Break Begins…

Okay, I confess, school hasn’t been our priority for a little over a week. Officially we start our Christmas break tomorrow. We will sit our school books down and hopefully shake off the overfilled schedule to find somewhat of a peaceful middle. I can’t remember the last day we had to just sit down as a family and quietly reflect on what it is to exist. It feels we are always on the move, rushing about from this event to that meeting. December has me slap worn out. If you aren’t from the South that translates to, “This mom is exhausted.” It seems that we are all rushing about trying to fit in just one more present or just one more family moment. How is it a memory creating experience if it’s just a forced reenactment of a tradition or a check in a to do box?

Going to the store just for simple grocery shopping in the month of December is like facing an angry mob of present buying zombies running on coffee and a drive to one up last Christmas. I feel like I earned a prize if I can get into the store, buy my groceries, and make it out alive… I nearly failed the other day, I felt an anxiety attack coming on as I cruised the packed grocery store dodging buggies and everyone else who clearly doesn’t want to be there just as much as me. A quick trip to pick up a medication at the pharmacy almost ended in a not so quick trip to the loony bin… Do they still have those?? They would probably open a special cell up just for me if they could have seen inside the crumbling mind of this very introvert mother on her last straw. Then the phone rings… Come on people, do you just sense the waves in the force. As if Yoda is saying, “Break her we will… Call her you should.” Melt down was on countdown. The miracle of Christmas was that I was able to escape without becoming the next headline or viral video post.

So now that we are “officially” on break and I don’t have to feel as guilty for not pushing forward in our curriculum books, what do I do? Do I over fill with yet more holiday merriment making with cookie baking? Do I force them to join me in Christmas movie marathons while singing Christmas songs loudly during commercials? Do we get our craft on with cups full of hot chocolate and marshmallows (no, wait! these offspring of mine don’t like marshmallows! Still wondering how that happened.)?

How about I drop the planning and just go with the moment… if we want to sit and watch a Christmas movie, I am down with that. If they want to make cookies… I am not as down with that because that would involve 500 dishes, sugar, and end in a fight about who cracked more eggs but I would happily participate in a bake off after my initial, “Ok.. if you REALLY want to.” If they want to craft, I can be there with the hot glue gun already oozing glue from the tip. I’m good with all of it, I’m just not going to plan it. Spontaneity is my new Christmas initiative. Enjoy what little time we have on break and start the school year again with a vigorous zeal. Actually, I am not really sure I do anything with a vigorous anything… How about just a mild enthusiasm?

I hope everyone has had and will continue to have a wonderful Holiday season!
My wish is for a calm peaceful Christmas for each of you!

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