Halloween Themed Kindergarten and First Grade Math Activities and No Prep Math Worksheets

Halloween Themed Kindergarten and First Grade Math Activities and No Prep Math Worksheets

30+ pages of math practice activities and no prep worksheets to practice place value, addition, number line use, fractions, subtraction, ten frames, counting, and more! From puzzles to counting strips!

I can’t believe it’s October already. It seems like yesterday I was wondering out loud if it was too early to post Halloween themed posts and now it’s almost too late. I made this pack to have some fun holiday themed activities to do with my daughter this month. I usually go big for Halloween but I was blessed with a wonderful sensitive daughter who despises the holiday so I have to reign in my love of the scary stuff. So you will probably find more of the cuter side of Halloween around here.


This pack includes several different activities and worksheets. Here are just a few.

Count and write cards. These cards go up to 9. You can cut them out and laminate for reuse or just use them as individual work pages. 

I wanted to really explore fractions a little more in depth this month. There are a few different pages explaining fractions on a simple level and working with different fractions up to 3/4.

One of my favorite activities in this set is these super cute ghost ten frame cards. These cards go up to 20. You can cut them out and laminate them for reuse with a dry erase marker or build on them with erasers or stickers.

We are starting to really focus on learning place value. This is a concept that one of my older ones had a little difficulty with so I wanted to create a few activities to help practice the concept early. There are a few different worksheets that explore the concept of tens and ones as well as these base unit puzzles.

I also included ten frames puzzles up to 10.

There are also some opportunities to skip count by 5 and by 10.

There are several other no prep work sheets to practice writing numbers and other math concepts. I also made a page to teach how to use the number line and a few different addition and subtraction pages with number lines to practice it with. I’m sure there are things I’m forgetting to talk about but I did actually put instructions on each page this time.

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