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I Know It Math Online Practice Review

I have always found math to be a difficult subject for me. I struggled with it growing up to a certain degree. Most subjects I wouldn’t even have to study because I was lucky enough to have a fairly good memory (back then, I must have burned it out because it isn’t what it used to be lol). Math on the other hand I had to put a little effort into to. I suppose that is why we focus on math so much in our home school classes. I want them to have a solid foundation in mathematics that I don’t feel as confident that I can give them. With math we learn together. Because of that I absolutely love when I find interactive math practice sites that we can use to help solidify our math skills! I Know It Math is one we have found recently that I think we will be incorporating more into our routine. It’s a great interactive review site that you can assign your kids different lessons to fit in with what you are learning in your classes!

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I Know It Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade
I Know It is a very well rounded math practice site that has several skills and levels for kids to practice. It’s brightly colored and easy to navigate which is always a plus in my book. When you sign up as a parent you can set the levels your children will be practicing. I have three although two are set at the highest level and one is set at a lower level. My oldest two are a little over the 5th grade level but the skills presented in that level are wonderful foundation builders and practicing them is helpful to build onto future skills. 
I haven’t really set up a specific time for them to use the site. The older kids can use the site all on their own and can complete the lessons I assign them or can pick what they want to practice from the selection provided. The youngest can work on it mostly by herself but I have to help get her started with what I want her to do.

Actually alot of the different areas of practice are similar to what we are working on in our current curriculum. The youngest is where this site has been the most popular. Some math apps and math site games are so full of color, patterns, characters, and clutter that it can be quite distracting to her little 6 year old mind. I Know It has the perfect amount of fun with a clutter free learning area. It is so much less distracting and she loves watching the characters congratulate her when she gets an answer right. She also likes that she can change them and play with the different animation styles.

Another helpful part of I Know It is that you can allow the kids to get helpful hints. You can set how many hints you want them to get in the hint section on the parent dashboard. That is also where you can set assignments and give them time limits to complete them as well as check out their progress.

I think that this site is a great way to practice math skills while keeping track of their work. It would be a good addition to a full curriculum but not a curriculum on it’s own. I see it as more of a practice what I know site. For that reason, it is a fun and interactive way to practice those skills they are learning each day because we all know that practice makes perfect!

I Know It is from the people behind SuperTeacherWorksheets.com. Another awesome site for home schoolers and teachers!

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Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade {I Know It Reviews}

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