Free Printable Game Themed 52 Week Student Planner With Reference Guides

Free Printable Game Themed 52 Week Student Planner With Reference Guides

A 52 week planner to help learn time management and planning skills as well as organization skills.

This planner is not date sensitive. I made a place for them to write in their own dates so it can be started and used as needed. The front page has a place for them to write in their name, grade, phone, and address as well as a few time management tips.

Each page of the planner has a riddle, fun fact, or joke in the top corner. Just something fun to get the week started.
The planning pages have a place for the date, reading, math, science, history, and misc places. There is also a goals list with check boxes and a place for them to write their spelling words for that week. On the bottom you will find a memory verse for each week (all verses are KJV), a character trait or quote, and a place for them to record their reading times each day of that week.

The first half of the planner has character traits of the week while the second half has famous quotes about character building. If you want you can easily mix them up to suit your needs. 

Reference Pages included:

There are seven different reference pages included that are full of useful information such as place values, number line, left and right, fractions, English to Spanish colors and numbers, letters, numbers…

There is so much different information included for them to use as a quick reference. I also included maps and states and capitals. There is also a page for them to write in birthdays or special events to remember and a multiplication chart. All images I used other than the ones I created myself are public domain images such as the maps and chart. All the theme graphics I made myself.

I plan on creating a few other themed planners so if you have an idea for a theme you would like feel free to send me a message. 

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