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Reading Eggs and Reading Eggs Workbooks Review

Online Reading Eggs Suite
Reading Eggs has been a wonderful gift to us. I can’t tell you in just one post how much it has helped us in our classroom. Everyday it feels like we go through what I call the school work struggle. There are grunts and groans at the mere mention of school most days. I understand that being home schooled there isn’t that big change from Summer to Back To School so it seems like I have just ended their free for all fun without the change of scenery. Reading Eggs has been a game changer for us. I am amazed at watching her click through and see how much she has learned while using the program. 
Reading Eggs online works on PC and on her iPad. She can get mouse practice when working on the PC but she also likes to play on her iPad. I love that it works on either one. They also have Mathseeds which does math lessons in a fun and engaging way. I haven’t found a negative about either program!
Now it is even better because they have came out with workbooks that work with the online lessons! We were able to review the First Grade Reading Workbook and I will admit there is a lot going on in those pages. They have workbooks for each age group and lesson path they have online. They also have them for Math! 
Online Reading Eggs Suite

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The 200 Essential Reading Skills for First Grade workbook from Reading Eggs is full of different skills that she will learn while going through the Reading Eggs program. These are full color and very interesting workbooks! The lessons coincide with the book pages to help them retain the information. The characters are adorable and the set up is on point. So many different activities to keep them fresh. One page they may be drawing a picture or reading a story and then on the next page they may be doing a completely different fun activity. 
I have been amazed at what she has learned. She has surprised my mom too. She called me the other day and was in shock at how much Loulou’s reading skills have improved since the last time she stayed with her. She was asking me what I was doing differently. Loulou had fun showing off her new “schoolwork” to Granny to show her just what she was doing. 
This online program is really easy to work for her. Loulou can log in and do the whole thing pretty much on her own. Occasionally she will ask me to help clarify instructions but overall the site is straightforward and explains the lessons quite well for her six year old mind. I think this is finally the program I have been looking for!  
The workbooks are great for us to do together. I help her to complete the activities right now but I can see her working more and more on her own as she gets the flow of the lessons and is learning more and more reading skills. 
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