Easy Ways To Make Lunchtime Memories With Juicy Juice

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Easy Ways To Make Lunchtime Memories With Juicy Juice

Lunch is something that I struggle with at times. I wake up and fix breakfast before the little feet hit the floor but lunchtime comes in the middle of so many other things that it can be hard to plan out if I don’t plan early. As a homeschool parent, lunch can often be one of those, “Oh No, it’s that time!” moments that sneak up on me while I’m engrossed in helping them with their school work. Yet also as a homeschool parent, I want to make each day fun and memorable for them because that is what being young should be about. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help create a lunchtime memory without throwing the schedule out the window.

No matter what lunch time memory you decide to create don’t forget to include the Juicy Juice. It’s 100% juice and great taste will keep them fueled for the rest of the school day! They have so many different choices in flavors, there is sure to be a favorite Juicy Juice for each child!

Inside rainy day picnic

Lunch doesn’t have to be had at the table. You could have a picnic and fit your playtime in to. If it happens to be raining (as it was when we decided to go out and have a picnic) that you could have a rainy day indoor picnic. Lay a blanket down in the living room floor and you are set to go.

Lunch Fort

One of our absolute favorite things to do is build a blanket fort and climb inside. Why not have lunch in the blanket fort? Make their favorite quick lunches, grab the Juicy Juice and head inside. From there you can use a flashlight to create shadow puppets and tell them stories or pretend to be in a castle dining with the Queen.


Lunch and a Movie

How about a break and a movie during lunch time. Find a fun educational movie that everyone will enjoy and set up a movie theater with a couple of dining room chairs. I remember when I was little how I would enjoy sitting in the dining room chairs while my mom mopped the floors. I would pretend I was on a bus. Pretend you are all at the theater and watching a movie on the big screen.

Lunch Around The World

Why not dress up in costumes or clothing from another time period and pretend to be somewhere else while dining. Just because you never leave your own dining room doesn’t mean you can’t be somewhere else. It’s easy to make fun quick costumes like tie a blanket around your waist for a gown or create an eye patch for a pirate. Stay in character and have fun!

Story-time Lunch

Host your own lunch time story hour. Read them a book as they eat their lunch. If the lunch goes along with the theme of the book, that is even more fun. Green eggs and ham anyone?

Meal Planning

Need a couple quick ideas for those lunchtime meals? Check out this video from Jeff Mauro flavorful lunch ideas! I’m really excited to try the Ham, Cheese and Pretzel wheel recipe with the kids. That dip looks AMAZING!

I’ve also created you some lunchtime fun cards to print out and send with your children in their lunch boxes or surprise them with coloring fun at the table while they wait for lunch to be prepared! There are two versions the full color version and the color your own version!

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