Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day? Printable No Prep Worksheet Pack

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

Printable No Prep Worksheet Pack

Study the history of Labor Day and the reasons why we celebrate this federal holiday in this worksheet pack. 7 pages that explore the reasons behind the holiday as well as how it was adopted.

Normally, I shy away from more in-depth historical projects on here because history is a little subjected to opinion. I researched this project a good deal before creating it but still there is always a different point of view. History is like that game they used to make us play in school where one person would whisper something to someone and then they would whisper it to the next person. In the end you have something completely different than what you started with.

I had this idea to create a series of “Why Do We Celebrate…” different holidays and Labor Day is the next one coming up. I’m not sure if I will continue the plan for the series because I can’t always control the way my brain works and sometimes it just won’t cooperate with what I want. 🙂

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