Kawaii Cats Preschool Activity Pack Free Printable

Kawaii Cats Preschool Activity Pack

Eight Different Basic Skill Concept Activities For Preschoolers

Find the different cat, cat puzzles, counting cards, patterns, ispy, and more. These would be great for a math center or busy box activities.

Today I was left kid free. The younger two were staying with Granny while the oldest was off at a Christian music festival with her youth group. Although this is the first time she has done something that far away and for as long as she was gone, I can’t help but worry. I had to find something to occupy my mind so I decided I needed to work. I made these cute little cats and put together this pack to keep myself bust until she gets back home.

There are 8 different activities in this pack. 

A find the difference activity with cat expressions
A 2 part puzzle set of 6
Counting strips up to 10
Counting clip cards up to 8
Finish the pattern strip cards
Which is biggest/smallest strip cards
I Spy
Coloring page for them to draw their own cat face.

I hope you enjoy this pack as much as I enjoyed making it! I had so much fun with the cute little kawaii faces.

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  1. Thx for this free printable.

  2. Thank you!! My son loves this!

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