Shark Family Alphabet Puzzles Preschool and Kindergartners

Shark Family Alphabet Puzzles Preschool and Kindergartners

Alphabet letter and sound recognition practice with these fun Shark themed puzzles!

Sharks have always been all the buzz around here but lately they have peaked into this odd phase where they are even featured on the socks my children wear. I think it’s because the older ones are really wanting to see that movie about sharks that came out recently. I am a little worried it will be too much for us but I thought I would still take advantage of the shark craze in the house that even the little ones has caught on to. They haven’t seen it yet because I realize I haven’t posted a printable in awhile but I am hoping they are excited to play and learn with it.

This activity has a digital version available!

Sort the alphabet with these fun cute shark puzzles. Each puzzle has 3 pieces, the upper case letter, lowercase letter, and a food that begins with the letter. I also included a word list to go along with the images.

What you need:

  • printed pdf
  • scissors
  • laminator

How to set up:

  1. Print and laminate each page.
  2. Cut out the puzzles on the dotted lines.
  3. Mix up the puzzles.
  4. Have the children put the puzzles back together. The upper and lower case letter along with the beginning letter sound. I matched the colors on the letters with the color of the food to help the smaller ones a little.

This is great letter recognition practice along with fine motor skill use and hand eye coordination. They can also see the small, medium, large size comparisons of the sharks. Daddy shark for the upper case, Mommy shark for the lower case, and baby shark for the food.

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