Start Of A New School Year For The Miniature Masterminds

Start Of A New School Year For The Miniature Masterminds

School has started once again. Actually, it started a couple weeks ago but it’s almost as if I have jet lag from the experience. Home school was always my dream and it’s worked wonders for us. I love being around my children and spending this time with them. I wished they loved being around each other just as much but alas…that is one of those momma dreams. It isn’t going to happen except on those rare special occasions that they think no one is watching. I can’t help but wonder if my brother and I gave my mom this much trouble. I need to call her and apologize for forcing her to referee all those screaming matches and horrible words we really didn’t mean toward each other.

The first week was not very productive. Over the Summer our schedule became quite lax in routine. It was basically a free for all chaotic circus with a little game called Fortnite in the middle of it all. They have yet to get back into a normal routine. I can honestly say I have enjoyed several quiet mornings to myself which is probably why I was reluctant to end the madness. The first week there were tears, screams, and I’m pretty sure the neighbors feared for my safety. The most shocking thing of all is that I haven’t even taken back to school pictures yet… me…the momarazzi… I can’t believe it.

This year I have an 8th grader which means in most cases she has outgrown my stored knowledge. Her math now looks like a foreign language and I rely heavily on Kahn Academy to help me pretend like I know something. And then there is the 7th grader who thinks naming his animals in Minecraft counts as language arts. I also have a 1st grader who can watch YouTube videos for hours if we let her but when it comes to class work her attention span is almost nonexistent. It’s been fun… (Sometimes I get a little sarcastic.)

Now I come to the second week…I can’t really blame all that happened the second week on them. I had my hand in the chaos this past week as well. The first day my daughter asked to play with her friends on Fortnite in the morning with a promise she would get her school done in the afternoon. I will not fall for that hooey again. Strike one. I decided to test out a 7 day water fast (more on that later) to help fix some of the health issues I’ve been having…. Strike two. The power was out due to a storm for two days. No power, no computers, no internet…but I did have one scared six year old, one preteen gamer going through withdrawals, and one teenager who thought it was my fault…Strike three. Yep, last week struck out big time.

Now I look optimistically into week three. I may not have been Super Mom so far this school year but that doesn’t mean it is over. I will become the ringleader of this circus.

What challenges have you faced in your home school journey? Have you started back to school this year yet?

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