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Home School in the Woods Hands-on History Activity-Paks Review

Home School in the Woods

Home School in the Woods  is a great place for some fun  Hands-on History Activity-Paks. We were able to review this fun New Testament lap book and Armor of GOD activity. I was really excited to get this project started because the Armor of GOD was actually the subject they studied in Vacation Bible School this year and were already interested in it. The lap book is always amazing but we haven’t quite finished ours yet. We are working on it but still have a few lessons to go.

Hand’s on is the best way to learn as it makes the learning process fun and engaging!

The fun thing about these projects are how hand’s on they are. The kids are involved in most of the process of setting up as well as using the lap books and activities. They also cover tons of different historical subjects. We have used a few of their products in the past and they were of the same high quality work. I love the old art style they incorporate into the projects as well as the well written information. Most of the projects have been better for the older children but some have been good for the little one as well. 
This Armor of GOD dress up activity was perfect for all three of them. It was a simple project with so much meaning. We used a face picture to make the model more meaningful to them. Each was able to dress up their own person in the Armor of GOD. Again I just love the art style going on here. It reminds me of old art with all the fun details and shading. Each piece comes black and white and the kids can color them whatever color they want as well as cut them out. Loulou wanted hers to be all pink so her armor is pink. 
The New Testament lap book we received covered much of the New Testament from the birth of Jesus to Post cards from Paul and his journeys in map form. There was information about the miracles and parables of Jesus as well as an adorable fruits of the spirits bowl with realistic looking fruit that I loved. It’s been pretty complex in it’s set up but only because there is SOO much information to cover. We have made it to the postcards set and it comes with a mailbox to put them in. It’s actually very neat!
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They also have several other historical subjects to check out. You can find many themes and times in different lap books, time lines, and activities. One of their newest offerings in this Project Passport Ancient Rome. They also have US History and different Biblical times as well. I love their Biblical newspapers that use Biblical events but allow the children to fill them in as if writing a contemporary newspaper. We did the Old Testament one and we all had fun doing it.

Project Passport Ancient Rome

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