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Code for Teens Workbook Review

One of the things I have been more determined to add into our home school day is coding. I think coding will play a huge role in the success of the kids in the future as our world becomes more and more computer orientated. These kinds of jobs will be something that are needed. My son is also very interested in the subject so that helps a lot. Code for Teens has a great product in their book Code For Teens: The Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Programming (Volume 1) which we have been reviewing for the past few weeks. 

Code for Teens
This book is different from the other coding books we have used. It’s aimed at teens which my son is only twelve and my daughter just turned thirteen and they both thrived with the book and the way it was written. 
I guess one of the reasons I enjoyed the writing style so much was because it flows a lot like my own. It’s like there is a teacher there talking to you and guiding you through each lesson. This teacher also has a sense of humor and understands the way the adolescent brain works. There is so much information inside but it is written in a way that is easy to understand even for the beginner who has never been anywhere near code. It’s color coded and explained so that anyone can pick it up and begin coding JavaScript.
The code is broken down so they can see each piece of it and why it is there. It starts with the very basic beginning and getting the computer to say “hello”. I remember when I first learned to code a computer back years and years and years…okay not that many years but it was a long time ago. Back then it took a lot more to get the greeting but it still felt great to get the computer to do what you told it to do. To create in the computer a function that wasn’t previously there. We all know how to make the computer do what it was programmed to do but to be the one creating that program from code is almost magical. When I watched my son finish his first lesson and he had the computer greeting and do several other sayings from the expanded play he did with the code he learned, his eyes lit up with amazement. He was having more fun than blowing creepers up in Minecraft.
The book is written the the kids to work on independently with little input needed…(that was almost a pun). They can work through the book to create their own projects. I know that with each lesson he has been using what he has learned to expand and do different things. A lot of it he already knew and thought he could skip but learned quite quickly that following each chapter was more beneficial to his coding skills. It is the perfect beginner step to learning JavaScript. 

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