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Bible Study Guide For All Ages
Bible Study Curriculum Review

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
I have been wanting to add a Bible study curriculum to our home-school schedule since the day we decided to start but hadn’t found one I liked. I was excited to test out the Bible Study Guide For All Ages curriculum because it looked great, was inexpensive, and fit each child at their own level. We always start our day with a family meeting and devotional and now we have added a lesson to each day. I find the kids are more prepared to start the day when we start it off right. Bible lessons and family prayer time in the morning is our way of starting the day on a good foot. We reviewed the Advanced workbooks and Beginner workbooks along with the Beginner Time Line and Bible Book Summary Cards.

The Beginner Time Line is a great visual aid and classroom wall addition. It also has made a great conversation piece as every time the kids stop to look at it they start a discussion based on one of the questions. Each page has a question on the front to go along with the picture. It covers many of the major events in the Bible such as creation, Jesus, and the ark.

Each card has a question the follow the time line of the Bible from Genesis to the early Christians. The timeline does take up a good bit of space as it took up a whole wall. We added to it while talking about each page as we went.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

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The Bible Book Summary Cards  are great for our classroom for all the kids. Each card is about a book in the Bible with a picture to serve as a visual guide while the back talks about each book and has questions to get the discussion going. I can’t wait to share these with my church’s Sunday School class. They are so helpful in guiding the children through the Bible.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
The student books are where they will work on their independent lessons. There are different age groups to be sure they are working on lessons on their level. Each book lasts 1 quarter with 26 lessons. They are reasonably priced, I could see this as a great curriculum for home school or Sunday School. It’s a well planned out lesson that would fit as a full Bible curriculum but also short enough to fit into a Sunday School time period. 

The kids liked the layout of the books. I don’t think I have ever seen paper that long. The are black and white with a lesson, activity such as a timeline, map, or other way of cementing the lesson into their minds, and questions to make them think about how they can apply the lessons in their own lives. The younger levels have more age appropriate lessons that also incorporate basic skill practice which I thought was pretty nice.

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