Creating Our Own Super Heroes  Getting Ready for Incredibles 2! With Juicy Juice #ad

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Creating Our Own Super Heroes
Getting Ready for Incredibles 2!

Incredibles 2 is out! I say that with the enthusiasm of a small child given a cone of double dipped ice cream. One of our top 5 movies ever was the original Incredibles. The TV may have the i symbol permanently imprinted into the screen from the amount of play time it has had. I always knew there would be answers to my many questions left at the end and now they are here! That may be slightly over the top…let me breathe a minute and try to calmly finish writing this post…Okay, I’m better. 🙂 Anyway, we have been preparing for a family outing to go see the movie since we heard of it’s release. One of the ways we prepared was to create our own super heroes by decorating our own super masks!

Our super power as a family is being creative. Art is our best subject and this project was right up our alley. We got out our tools which were some black cloth masks and liquid chalk pens. All of the kids showed their creative strengths as they also used their super imaginations talking about the super hero they would want to be.

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What kinda super hero did each of us invent?

Lou Lou was Poison Oak…I’m pretty sure she went to the dark side along with Bub but all good heroes need a good nemesis right? Her super powers were controlling vines and poisoning people. Clearly, I didn’t define the rules of the super hero in enough details but she used her imagination to create her character. She has a truly incredible imagination.

CB was our hero to defined our great city from the two super villains. She will have her hands full but I know she can handle the job because her inner super power is her determination and ingenuity. She may also have to be the one to care for her super mother who went crazy from raising 2 super villains. Do you think I could blame it on their dad?
Anyway, the masks turned out awesome and they had so much fun! Now, off to the movies for some family fun time in our new costumes!

Be sure to join us in watching this awesome film, Incredibles2, and don’t forget to check out the specially marked Juice Juice Incredibles 2 juice boxes for your chance to win movie tickets!

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