Pirates, Mermaid, and Beach Kids Mix Up Printable Character Blocks

Pirates, Mermaid, and Beach Kids Mix Up Printable Character Blocks

Pirate with a mermaid tail? What will your character look like?  6 different characters to build and rearrange.

2 pirates, 2 mermaids, and 2 beach kids!

With these three blocks you can rearrange them to pick a different head, body, and legs to create your own character.

You could use these blocks in a few different ways.

  1. They could play with them and see what silly combination they come up with.
  2. You could print 2 sets and have them recreate a combination you came up with.
  3. You could play a memory game where you create a combination and then knock it over and have them recreate it.

What you need:

  • Printed blocks
  • Scissors
  • tape or glue

You could probably laminate them to make them a little sturdier.

Instructions of forming the blocks:

Cut around the outside of the blocks. Don’t cut the tabs off because you have to have these to glue the boxes together. Don’t cut the squares apart either. Fold on the lines between the squares and on the tabs. Add glue to the tabs and form the boxes.

I have had the idea to make these for awhile but always thought it would be too much for my schedule at the time. Now I don’t have that problem so I decided it was time and a pirate theme was perfect to try it!

These match the pool printable pack from earlier and goes well together with the theme. We have several different Summer themed printables and activities. Check out below the download for links to more.

We have thousands of different printables across the blog. Happy browsing!

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