Pool Themed Summer Fun Pack – Color in English and Spanish, Numbers, Shapes, and I Can Read Book

Pool Themed Summer Fun Pack

Color in English and Spanish, Numbers, Shapes, and I Can Read Book

It’s time for fun in the sun sitting pool side or playing outside. Summer has arrived! 

The other day I was trying to help put a canopy up by the pool at my parents house. It was a mess. We would get one leg up and the other would fall. It took three of us to get it up and as soon as we stepped away…it fell over. I’m just glad no one got it on video because we were doing a pretty good Stooge impersonation. Anyway, while we toiled away trying to accomplish the impossible task, the kids were playing in the pool watching us work. They splashed each other and were just all around having a ball. That was when I got the idea to make this color matching pool set. Inspiration strikes at the oddest times. 

Side note: Said canopy has arrive safely at it’s next destination…the trash can.

There are 4 different activities in this pack.

Pool Color Match

  • Cut out the people, beach balls, and pools.
  • Match the people and beach balls to the same color pool.
  • The beachball has the color in Spanish.
  • The pool has the color in English.

Beach Ball Number Puzzles

  • Cut out all the beach balls and cut apart at the lines.
  • Put the puzzles back together.

Would make a great file folder activity. Just print two sets. Glue one whole onto the file folder and cut the other out.

Pool Shape Match

  • Cut apart the shape pools.
  • Cut out the shaped beach balls.
  • Sort the beach balls onto the pools that are the same shape.

I felt strange making beach balls different shapes but then got to thinking how much fun would a star shaped beach ball be? Although the sharp overlap of plastic where the seams meet might make it about as deadly as a ninja throwing star.

I Can Read “Kate Likes To Swim”

  • Cut apart pages. on dotted lines.
  • Staple book together on the side
  • Read and color book.

This is Kate. Kate likes to swim. Kate likes to swim in the pool. Kate has a beach ball. The beach ball is red and blue. She plays with the beach ball in the pool. Kate has a float. The float is green. She plays with the float in the pool.

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