Pizza Puzzles and Math Pack Alphabet, Counting, Addition, Shapes

Pizza Puzzles and Math Pack Alphabet, Counting, Addition, Shapes

If you were to ask any one of my three children what their favorite food is…the answer would be unanimously “PIZZA!”. That one thing may be about the only thing they all three agree on at one time. Pizza and Roblox. I thought it would be fun to create a pizza number recognition activity. Each slice would be a different way of saying each number…this pack grew from there as other ideas kept coming. There are five activities in all.

What you will need:

  • Pdf printed
  • Scissors
  • lamination machine (if you want to make them more durable)
  • pencil (for log sheet)

Instructions are included in the pdf as well.

Pizza Number Puzzles


  • Cut out the pizza and pan.
  • Cut out slices on dotted lines.
  • Have child build the pizzas.
  • Match all the numbers on the pizza.

Pizza Alphabet Puzzles


  • Cut out the pizza and pan.
  • Cut pizza on dotted lines
  • Have child build the pizzas.
  • Match lower case and letter sound picture to the pan.

Pizza Shape Puzzles


  • Cut out the shape cards and pepperonis.
  • Match the shaped pepperoni pieces to the correct shape of pizza.

Pizza Math


  • Cut out the pizza, pan, and toppings.
  • Card set A – Count out the correct number of toppings on each card.
  • Card set B – Count out the toppings from line a and line b. Count how many toppings in all. Log the numbers on your log page.

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  2. God Bless YOU for your beautiful, creative talent. I have been using your free downloads for a while now and my four year old is now starting to read after introducing her to the alphabet only 4 months ago! She is learning disabled so I wanted to send her to kindergarten ahead of the game. She has also never been to a daycare or preschool so it is very hard to grab her attention but with your Printables it has been so much easier. Thank you so much!

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