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MaxScholar Reading Intervention Program Review

MaxScholar is a program that is really helpful in teaching reading for home school families. We had the opportunity to review their Reading Intervention Programs which was pretty exciting to me. I’m very literacy orientated and I love anything that encourages better reading skills. We have been playing around with it for a few weeks and I am quite impressed with their flow. 
There is a lot of different programs on their site to check out but we had access to these two sections. The MAXPHONICS and MAXREADING. I actually found the app for the MAXREADING program and we have been using it on her tablet a good bit. 
Loulou is all about tech themed learning. I have encouraged that because as a society we are ever more so going to a more tech based way of life. I started her with the mouse earlier than I did the other two because that skill is more important now than ever. She is very adept at the mouse and keyboard use already and impresses me with her game skills in beating her older siblings at online games quite often…her momma doesn’t stand a chance against her. I think this program was good for her because it was easy to for her to work independently on. 
I love the flow of the skill builders. Each activity builds on the last. That is the way I try to teach, it gives a solid foundation for the skills to stand on. It’s like building a house. The better the foundation, the stronger the house. The MaxScholar helps create a solid foundation for phonic skills. 
They split the alphabet up into sets to learn. They also have preschool level but we started with the alphabet. Lesson one was letters p,f,n,t,a. It takes each letter and focuses on every aspect of that letter. It has them listen, read, write, and find each letter. It’s very in depth. 
At the end of the lesson about each letter they begin to learn words and putting sounds together. I have actually not seen a program that does this quite this way. It was a great visual aid in helping Loulou put sounds together. She had fun working with this part because sometimes my very country accent may not be very accurate on certain sounds and it has been harder for her to learn the blending of those sounds. Ya’ll this was the help I needed for her. 
She than was given a story to read from the lessons she learned. They also have several quizzes and different lessons to reinforce what they have learned. 
MAXREADING is different. This was also a unique approach for us. There is a short story to read and then they ask questions about the story. It’s great for reading comprehension skill building. I’ll be honest, I had a hard time remembering some of the facts myself. 
There are several different stories on different levels. 
There are also games to play! So far we have four different games to play. A matching game to match the different pictures, a word builder game to practice sounds, a rhyming game, and a word in a word game (which we haven’t quite gotten the hang of).  
This is a really great program for learning phonic skills and letters. I would recommend it for kids who are struggling to learn to read or needing some skill boosting.
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