My Dog Saw The Cat Easy Reader Sight Word Pack

My Dog Saw The Cat Easy Reader Sight Word Pack

A progressive pack to learn and practice 12 sight words with a easy reader book.

2 levels included with 6 words to learn in each level.

This pack works to progressively and repetitively use different activities to help the kids learn 12 different sight words. Each activity gets a little harder and builds on the previous. Each level focuses on 6 different words.

Sight Words Practiced:

  • The
  • dog
  • cat
  • ran
  • sat
  • saw
  • I
  • my
  • away
  • from
  • at
  • fast

Activities Included:

Level 1

Flash Cards

Cut out the flash cards to use with the child each day. These are great for learning to read the words on sight.

Build a Word with letters and without letters
Write the words

These activities work to help the child learn to write and spell the words. They are also at building fine motor skills.

Story Sequencing Cards

Sequencing the different parts of the story and retelling are important in building logic skills.

Read the story and draw a picture

Reading the story and drawing their own image to go along with it creates a chance for them to be creative and use their imagination as well as learning to think about what they read.

Writing Practice

These are good for practicing hand writing skills as well as solidifying the sight words.

Sentence Builders

More fine motor practice as well as reading practice and glue practice.

Easy Reader Book

After they learn the words and phrases they can then move on to the easy reader book. There they can color the images and read the story over and over again.

Level 2

Level 2 Includes similar activities that build on what is learned in Level 1 to create a more in depth story. The book in level 2 is self illustrated.

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