DIY 2 Ingredient Non Toxic Art Chalk

DIY 2 Ingredient Non Toxic Art Chalk

Create your own chalk with these 2 ingredients! They are non toxic and can be ingested safely. 

Use molds to create different shapes and food coloring to create different colors.

Materials needed:

Purified Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

For coloring you can add a little food coloring before the water if you want to keep the chalk non toxic. 


  1. Add powder to bowl.
  2. Mix in water slowly to keep powder from flying out of the bowl.
  3. Mix just enough water to cover the powder.
  4. Use hands to mix more. The longer you play with it the softer it gets.

Food Grade purified Diatomaceous Earth is a soft white powder that can be used for many health benefits. It is safe to use for children as well as consumption on a daily basis. It is suggested not inhaling because it can cause some irritation. For that reason, I suggest not letting the kids do the mixing part. Find out more about it at this site.

When mixed with water it creates a soft clay like dough that is almost playdough like in consistency. It’s a little heavier than playdough and not quite as moldable as it tends to break.

You can use molds to create shaped chalk or just mold a shape with your hands. I found the thicker shapes worked better. They work on sidewalks too!

After you get the shape you want. Just let them sit over night and dry out. They change color when they dry out to a lighter color. The chalk will leave a powder on the hands and isn’t exactly mess free…okay, I won’t tell a story, it’s pretty messy to play with. Think art clothes and wipe up with a wet cloth afterward. It makes your hands feel soft and smooth afterward.

The smaller molds worked but the heads on the LEGO men fell off with little pressure. I think a larger mold like a heart or star would be perfect but with all my Spring cleaning I have misplaced my molds in the abyss that is my storage closet.

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