Pirates Themed Flip Book Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Colors, Sight Words

Pirates Themed Flip Book
Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Colors, Sight Words

Still working in our pirate theme I created this flip book today. Flip book are great for on the go educational practice. They work well at restaurants, doctor’s offices, or anywhere where they have to sit and wait. They are also good for quiet time. I tried to include all kinds of different things in this one to make it an all in one take along practice companion. They can practice counting from 1 to 10, colors, shapes, upper and lower case letters, and even a few sight words and hand writing practice.

Inside you will find:

  • Counting and Number Recognition
  • Ten Frames And Tally Marks
  • Colors
  • Shapes (Forgot a picture of this one)
  • Upper and Lower Case Letter Practice
  • Sight Words and Sentence Writing

Flip Book Setup:

  1. Print out the pdf.
  2. Cut out each box around the outside. Don’t cut down the middle line, this is the fold line.
  3. Fold each page in half on the fold line creating the front and back of each card.
  4. Laminate to make more durable. If you want to use with more than one child you can use a dry erase marker on the laminated page.
  5. Punch a whole inside the empty circles.
  6. Thread onto a piece of thread, key ring holder, or craft ring.

Count and Numbers

There are 10 cards to count and practice writing from 1 to 10. Count the gold pieces on one side with the number while on the other side they can count again and write the number word.

Ten Frames and Tally Marks

This card has more counting practice. They can use pom poms, coins, or other manipulatives to cover the correct number on the ten frames side. On the flip side they will make tally marks to count out the items. 1 – 10 is also covered again here.

Shape and Colors

On the shapes page they will name the shape of the parrot on one side and on the other they will write the shape name. I somehow forget to take a picture of this one.

The color pages are similar to the shape pages but with colors instead.

Upper and Lower Case Letters

Each letter has a card with a letter they can trace with their finger and a place to practice writing the letter. The back side is a treasure map where they can once again trace the letter.

Sight Words

There are around 10 different sight word pages for them to practice two and three letter sight words. The front side has the word spelled out. They start with the first letter and then build onto it to create the whole word. Repetition, gotta love it. Then they will trace the word and write it again. The back side has a sentence and place for them to write the sentence.

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