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 ARTistic Pursuits Inc. – Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary Curriculum Review

 ARTistic Pursuits
Before the milk becomes empty of cereal, while little eyes are still being rubbed free of sleep, before one piece of paper is moved from our daily work, there is a single question that is asked every day without fail. That question is, “What are we doing for Art today?” I have come to expect it just as I have come to expect the groan of disgust when the math books come out. The past few weeks that answer has been easy because we have been using a new art curriculum from ARTistic Pursuits Inc.. The series ARTistic Pursuits Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray has several books that encourage art. We have been using the Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary from the series. 
Inside this book is several lessons that showcase beautiful masterpieces, student examples, and video lessons. The book comes with a DVD and Blueray discs with 6 video lessons and 12 text lessons full of colorful imagery. 
18 projects in total. 
The video lessons are a great way to teach them the different techniques. I used this with all my kids at the same time because it’s easier for me to do art as a whole class.  They also enjoy the time creating together. This set is aimed at children in grades K-3. My youngest is in Kindergarten and was easily able to follow along with the videos, lessons, and projects. The older kids also we interested in the projects and lessons. I have always focused more on art as I find it therapeutic myself but it was nice to have lessons that taught them to not just look a the art as a whole but to view to little details. All those little details come together to create the whole masterpiece. 
Loulou’s favorite lessons were the ones that involved scissors. She could cut out shapes and glue them onto her collage all day long. She also liked creating her dog head. Let me tell you a short story about that dog head…it started out as a horse…True story. 
There was another lesson that involved cutting out shapes to create an outside scene. Just coming home from a stay at the coast that week, my youngest was inspired to create an ocean scene. She used her imagination to create a little boat floating on the ocean at night being visited by a yellow tailed mermaid. We watched for mermaids from our hotel room while we were there but we never did catch sight of one. 🙂 I guess she figured they only come out at night. She has quite an active imagination.
Another one of our favorites was the outside oil pastel pictures. We took a walk outside to find the artistic inspiration we wanted to draw. This curriculum has taught us there is art in everything even simple still life drawings. After we set up for our lesson, we each created a drawing of the backyard. They each turned out differently which really shows that each of us has a different way of viewing the world. My son drew a dinosaur hiding in between his trees while my oldest daughter focused on the shape of just one tree solitary in a field of flowers. Art is a good example of how even though we all see the world differently, we all have the capacity for passion, beauty, and creativity. 

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