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The Critical Thinking Co.™ Critical Thinking Detective Book 1 Review

The Critical Thinking Co.™
Does you child enjoy a good mystery or detective book? Are they quick to point out details and clues? Do they create intrigue in everyday situations? The Critical Thinking Co.™ has created some fun products that help encourage and use that natural curiosity to build thinking skills. We were able to review the Critical Thinking Detective Book 1  which is aimed at grades 4 – 12+ and gives kids the opportunity to hear a story and listen for clues to solve the crime. 

The Critical Thinking Co.™
I was really excited about reviewing this one because as most of you probably already know, I have one of those inquisitive detective loving children (well teenager now). When my oldest was just a small baby she was soothed by the “ching ching” sound that began the Law and Order series. Every time she heard it she would smile even while sleeping. From that grew a deep love for all things mysterious. When presented with a conundrum she has never been happy until she figures out the puzzle. She is all about the details and can spot a whodunit from a mile away.

The Critical Thinking Detective Book 1  from The Critical Thinking Co.™ was perfect for her in a couple of different ways. 

First it gave her a mystery to solve. Each story isn’t very long but it has what every mystery should have; a crime, suspects, and clues. Under the story is the four suspects that will be questioned. Each one has something different about them that could also be used as a clue such as hair color or height. Under each suspect is their statement also heavily filled with clues for them to decipher. She used her thinking skills to listen to her story and pick out the clues to figure out a timeline of events. Then she recreated the crime in her head using the details given by the suspects. She has enjoyed playing detective and solving these crimes. A few of them were really easy for her and she got them right off but a couple we had to think about together.

Second it gave her opportunities to practice reading comprehensions and writing skills. The second page is a place for them to write out their clues and what they know about each suspect. This is where they identify and evaluate those clues and tiny details to fill in the bigger picture. They will then ask themselves the important questions that every detective asks, Who? What? When? Where? and How. Such as: What detail was important? What needed to be known to prove someone guilty or innocent? What puzzle piece fits into the right place? Who is the guilty party? Who was in the right place at the right time?
So many questions to answer! We made a game out of it to see who could solve the crime first.

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