Fearless – Free Printable 5 Day Vacation Bible School or Home School Curriculum KJV

Fearless – Free Printable 5 Day
Vacation Bible School or Home School Curriculum

With Summer coming up it is time to start planning Vacation Bible School. I had this idea to create a free plan that could be used in small churches, day cares, or home school classrooms for a short 1-2 hours a day for 5 days program. It’s about learning our real life super powers such as courage, faith, love, honesty, and trust. The theme is called Fearless.


You can save the logo above and print out to create some program t shirts if you like.

In the first few pages you will find the overall lesson objective, a flyer, a chart they can glue their super power they learned about each day to, and a get them started thinking activity. All scripture is taken from the King James Version.

Each day has a Group Lesson to talk about the super power together and a Bible passage to read.

Day One: Courage

Craft – Super Hero Symbol

Hero – David

Day 2 – Faith

Craft- Super Hero Cape

Hero – Ester

Day 3 – Honesty

Craft – Super Hero Mask

Day 4 – Trust

Craft – Super Hero Shield

Hero – Jonah


Day 5 – Love

This day there is no craft project but there is a list of suggested games and activities. The hero is GOD because he showed us the greatest love by sacrificing HIS Son for us.




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  1. What grade level is Fearless geared for?

  2. Younger kids Elementary age

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