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Reading Kingdom Online Reading Program Review

Reading Kingdom

Reading Kingdom  is a fun way to help kids learn how to read. I was exited to review this one because I have seen it before but at that time LouLou was a bit young for it. This time, it was perfect for her age and developmental level as well as a great fit into her daily work. She has really loved it. She was excited to get to her program each day and would ask me when we first got started if she could do her “reading site” first. Then she caught this really nasty virus that has been lurking and running amuck through our house for the past month unabated by any forms of medical treatment. It’s been horrible, so we got a little side tracked with our reading progress….and pretty much everything else went south as well. I do, however, feel we will be getting right back on track again soon and this program is going to be a huge part of that. Especially since it works well on her iPad and she has easy access to it.

Reading Kingdom
Today’s children know how to maneuver a computer before the age of two. Our culture is so digitally orientated that it is a necessary skill for them to be able to use a keyboard and mouse as well as function within a touch screen app. One of my favorite functions of Reading Kingdom  was that not only is she learning letters and individual words but she is also building these important skills. I would almost even call this a beginner typing lesson as the fun games each lesson starts out with also encourages typing skills. They type the letters to shoot down the UFOs or pop the bubbles. Each lesson is full of mouse skill builders as well with the ability to use the on screen keyboard as well as teh physical keyboard. 
Reading Kingdom  is an approach to reading that I really like. They focus on words as a whole and how to build them. She learns the words and then puts them into context such as “a girl” and “more boys”. Then she can use these words to read a book at the end of the lesson. She made it all the way through the first lesson and some of the second, sometimes doing more than one lesson at a time because she was enjoying the program. 
You can also move your student forward or backwards if you think they need to be moved. I wanted to see a few of the more advanced levels for this review so I moved her up…I didn’t realize it was going to erase all her progress. I should have read the rest of the moving tutorial. That was my fault. It’s a great feature to have if you think your student’s skill level has surpassed their current level but if you feel they just need a refresher it is better to use the replay feature instead of moving them. 
They keep track of how many points each student has earned and move them up the levels based on their points. Each student starts out with a placement test to place them on the level they need to be to start with. It’s a very easy process.
Each lesson is around 20 activities long. Each activity is focused on the word or words of the lesson. LouLou’s favorite was a shirt one where these funny little creatures popped up out of the pockets when she got it right. She loved that activity. There are several different activities and each lesson has a variety of different ones. Each lesson increases with difficulty accumulating skills to be able to completely read the book at the end. It flows in a unique manner building skills that they can use in future lessons. 

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