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 YWAM Publishing Christian Heroes: Then & Now

Corrie ten Boom Review

YWAM Publishing has published an awesome collection of Christian Heroes: Then & Now  and Heroes of History  books about famous people in history. We had the luck of reviewing Christian Heroes- Corrie ten Boom and the corresponding unit study that was downloadable available for each of the books.

The book starts out with a short chapter about her arrest and details the pains that the family had to go through along with the unapologetic stance on helping the Jews to hide from their would be captors. It’s an interesting retelling worded in a way that the kids can really understand the story and the depths of all that happened. The next chapter travels back in time to her childhood and when her doctor mistakenly diagnosed her with tuberculosis. This death sentence gave her months to contemplate her life and when she was given a second chance she didn’t waste it. She went all in to everything she did. Her dedication helped her succeed. This part of her life is already a great lesson for the kids to learn but she had so much more to teach.

I can remember when I was in school and we were studying the concentration camps. Corrie ten Boom was one of the stories we studied all those years ago. Her story of loss and hope really effected me at the time. Even now I think back on the video we watched and hearing about their trials and terrors but through it all they held hope and a knowledge about the power of GOD. She makes the statement that there is no pit so deep that GOD’s love isn’t deeper. Even with the loss of her father and sister she preservers. Through all she goes through in the end she ends up taking an even bigger stand by escaping to teach GOD’s love to anyone who would listen. She lives to into her nineties still remembering the happier times with her family.

I think the Christian Heroes: Then & Now  is a great way to learn about famous people who have gone lengths to show GOD’s love, power, and strength. I like that they are wrote on a level that is easy to understand while also being full of information and entertaining. This would work well in a single child curriculum or even in small groups. The Unit studies come with clear instructions and guides for each. The Unit Study printable book is a little over 70 pages and comes with the answer key to the questions in the back. 
YWAM Downloadable Unit Studies
The Heroes of History  collection from YWAM Publishing also seems highly valuable. There are several that I am interested in checking out in the future! Each of the books also has available for purchase a downloadable Unit Study full of Bible verses and questions to go along with each chapter of the book.

We can’t wait to read another!


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