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A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.)

Family Math Package Review

A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) is a great resource for home school math online courses. It’s full of valuable lessons, online math practice, and offline tools as well. We reviewed the Family Math Package which can included up to 10 students and any grade level Grades 1- 6, Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1.

A+ Interactive Math
There is a good bit of flexibility with the program. They can use the online course to listen and watch videos as well as interactive practice lessons with grade tracking or they can use the offline content and print if that works better for them. A mixture of the two might also be a great way to go to reinforce their math skills. Being able to self guide and tailor the learning to what they need is a wonderful gift.

Family Math
The program is pretty comprehensive and worked great with our schedule. We had some family issues come up the past few weeks and even though we have been going crazy here, the kids were still able to get their math work done because they also offered the printable worksheets and lessons to go. The flexibility of the program is wonderful and the reason this program is so special. It’s like a math classroom you can take with you anywhere. 
This ultimate flexibility also means that you change the grade level when you need to so if they finish a grade early they can move up or if you see they need a little more practice before working on what they are doing they can move down. 
The online program is easy enough to navigate that they can work independently with the program. The computer voice that comes along with it was at times aggravating to my oldest but the other two didn’t seem to mind it as much. At times it kinda reminded me of Joan Cusack’s character from School of Rock for some reason. 
This is the workstation after it is launched. There are a few things to point out about it. The multimedia lessons are the first things that pop up. You can see the table of content where your child will start at the beginning and work their way through the different chapters. You can also find the printable pdf worksheets, exams, and eBooks on this window. They are all super easy to navigate and split up into chapters like this. The work flow is one of the best parts of the program. They can work on it as fast or slow as needed and it is always pulling them forward to keep going.

When you open the corresponding worksheet you just have to click print for the work page to go along with the lesson they are working on. The work sheets are straight forward and well done. The offline worksheets combined with the online lessons reinforce each other. We really liked the scope and organization of the program. The focus on testing is something they haven’t really been exposed to as much since we started home schooling. I think they needed to refresh on those skills as well as the actual math skills. It is more of a formal program than we have become accustomed to but I think that is what they will need to build that strong foundation.

All three of the kids have different learning styles and I have always said that the best programs are flexible enough to work with them all. This is a program that has potential to be beneficial to all three of them.

My oldest is a paper and pencil kind of girl. She loves math, history, and science and is gifted in all aspects of the word. She likes to be able to write done and decipher her answers and think about them. The printable lessons were better for her and have worked better with her. It’s also awesome that she can move grade levels as needed as she probably won’t stay in one very long.

My son however, is an online wiz. He is tech savvy and knowledgeable about engineering. He is one of those kids who was taking apart their toys at three just to see how they worked. He also took all the inside door handles off one day and I still haven’t figured out why. He liked the aspect of online education and about being able to do his math on his tablet.

My youngest girl is a wild card. She is coming into to her own with a fierce independence. She enjoys her imaginative play and can create stories that will have me wondering where she comes up with her material. She is allergic to sitting still and I am not ready to try to tame that energy and passion for life. She is a hit or miss but we have worked some of the worksheets into her weekly routine.

They are all different and unique as are all children. Self paced and flexible math courses are a must for any home school classroom!

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