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Help Teaching Pro From Review is a resource we have been excited to review over the past few weeks. It’s a great resource to have to add value to any curriculum. We review the one-year subscription to Help Teaching Pro.

Help Teaching Pro provides several different resources for Early Education up to the 12th grade. 

A few of the things available on

  • Create your own worksheets
  • Pre-made Worksheets and lesson for Pre-K to 12th grade
  • Online Test Maker and Taker

With this site you can create your own materials to go along with the lessons you are working on. You can also print out pre-made worksheets and tests from a WIDE selection in each age group. A few of our favorites were the daily math practice pages and the letter lessons. My daughter enjoyed the letter lessons and they helped her practice her letter recognition skills. She also liked taking the online tests.
The online lessons are great for self directed learning and to supplement into a time when you need a little help with the planning. I like them because I can use them when one of the other kids needs a little more attention and I need something that will be beneficial and keep the other two learning. 
The site is easy to navigate and with the Help Teaching Pro subscription everything is unlocked and ready to go. You can browse the lesson sections which include videos and worksheets to go along with the videos. There are tons to choose from to cover a lot of different skills. 

The K-5 section is FULL of fun worksheets ready to print!

They can learn their letters, shapes, numbers, and so much more with the fun colorful workpages that you can print off or do online. They can get in their mouse practice skills while also working on their lessons.

I know I have mentioned they cover pre-K through 12th grade but I wanted to kind of talk about the fact that this site will work with all my children. That is a big deal for me because there is a wide age and ability gap in the three of them. I have my wonderfully curious 5 year old who is interested in the bright colorful images in the Kindergarten section, my extremely smart yet academically lazy son who benefits from the middle school section, and my freshly turned gifted teenager who is browsing through the high school section. 
It’s a something for everyone site!
They can find worksheets and tests in many different subject in every age group. They can study Geography, Science, English, Math, Writing, and even some Life Skills. It’s all pretty impressive.

I try to give them opportunities to do more self guided lessons and be more open about learning things they are interested in. It is important for me that they are interested and actively working toward what they want to learn. This site really helps to give me the tools to supplement into that way of education. I can find add ons for the lessons they are working on and can create our own if we have to. We can also create a few games to play together as a family such as BINGO…my oldest LOVES her a good game of BINGO. Being able to generate her own is so much fun!

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