Homeschool Diploma Review – Celebrating A Successful Kindergarten Year! #hsreviews #HSGraduation #Diplomas

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 Homeschool Diploma Review – Celebrating A Successful Kindergarten Year!

Homeschool Diploma
This year has been a rollarcoaster ride for us. Kindergarten is a very special year in a child’s life and I wanted to commemorate our successful completion…and mark it’s end because it’s also a stressful time in a child’s life. I though having an event to honor her move from Kindergarten to 1st grade would be a great idea! Homeschool Diploma made creating that unique memory for her while celebrating her achievements easy with their Cap, Gown, Tassel and Diploma for Kindergartners. 
Kindergarten Set: Cap, Gown, Tassel and Diploma 2 reviews Write a review
These adorable caps and gowns make the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot! 
I couldn’t wait to get her into it and then I just couldn’t believe how big she looked. I got all sentimental and couldn’t help but tearing up at how much she has grown. I’m so proud of all she has done this year! I’m thankful we were able to show her just how proud of her we are.
Homeschool Diploma was really easy to order from and in no time I had her package with her cap, gown, tassel, diploma, and bling. The diploma we received looked a little different than this one but was high quality and totally frame-able. What better way to show her how much she has done than with her own Kindergarten Diploma. We are commemorating her completion of the first year of school as well as telling her she is ready for what comes next.
Kindergarten Set: Cap, Gown, Tassel and Diploma 2 reviews Write a review
They have a few different color choices but I picked blue because blue was the color both my older kids wore to their kindergarten graduations when they were in public school. They also have red and white which are both equally adorable. 
The cap and gown felt just like I expected from previous experience with graduations and such. It’s a pretty nice set. She enjoyed wearing it and wanted to wear it around all day. She thought it was fun throwing the cap around like she had graduated several times. It held up well to her celebrating. I think this would be a set you could use for future graduates with just a little bling change. 
Homeschool Diploma also makes High School graduations easier with their High School diplomas. This is one thing that my oldest daughter was worried she would miss out on when she graduates but she doesn’t have to now! With Homeschool Diploma you can celebrate your child’s Kindergarten graduation, than their 8th grade graduation, and their High School graduation! No need to miss out on those special celebrations. They achieved so much and have met these special milestones, why not show them how proud you are!
If you want to learn more about these other options, there are some awesome reviews done by other crew members showcasing them. Just click here to find them!
High School Diploma with 7
Lou has been talking non stop about her graduation. I think at first she thought that meant she was done with school and ready for college but now she understands that it just means she is ready for the next big step…First Grade! 
Now to be a little more sentimental, I put together this collage of the my baby girl’s first 5 years. 
Time flies when you are having fun and we have had our share of fun!
I just couldn’t decide which photos to use for this post because we got so many good ones. I kept it at a minimum but don’t be shocked if my Instagram don’t blow up with more… they were just so much fun and the bright blue shiny fabric photographed so well. 

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