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Carole P. Roman Books and Collections Review

Learn about other cultures and time periods in a fun and educational way with children’s books from author Carole P. Roman!

Elizabethan England

I, personally, have always had a fascination with England’s past. Historical books have always been my favorites. I will even openly admit that I am a bit of a closet historical romance novel addict. I love the idea of chivalry and honor. The fashion fascinates me as well. I know for a fact I wouldn’t have survived in that time period due to having to much desire to learn and read while being a woman but I can imagine a more romanticized version of the time period in my head with great ease.

I was excited to share this book with my children. They love history and finding out about the past just like I do but they prefer a more true and less kissy version than me. This book was wrote as if it was what life would be like if you were a baker’s daughter growing up in the time period. It helped shed light on the life that was lived then and written so that a younger child would understand. It also showcased all that has changed for girls since then. As a girl they probably wouldn’t have went to school or allowed to be an actress. It was quite in-depth even describing the different houses and clothing they wore. I also enjoyed the back were it told about the different real life people of the time period.


This book is about what life is like if you lived in Egypt. This is a more contemporary what life is like right now type book to study about the culture instead. It does talk about the history some but focuses more on the lives of the children now. It explores the many places to visit, the capital, foods, and activities of the children. It is aimed more at the younger children and does have a list of words and definitions at the back. There are several books in this series and they are a great way to introduce the kids to different cultures around the world in a way that they can understand and from a child’s perspective.

Here are just a few of the other cultures Carole P. Roman explores in her books.

IF you were me and lived in ...

Ancient Greece

Another historical gem is this book about Ancient Greece. I feel this book is better for my older kids as it dives pretty deep into the Ancient Greece culture and history. The art is lighter leaves the book with a dreamy feel. It’s talks about the different things the children would have done, ate, and wore in the time period. This book is written as if the child reading it is possibly a boy growing up but it does explore the life of his sister as well. Again they will learn that girls were not allowed to attend school and stayed home to learn to cook and clean. I think it was an eye opener to the advances we have made and the opportunities they now have that they wouldn’t have had if they were born in a different time period. It also makes me thankful for the advances they have made in water filtration. I just couldn’t imagine drinking water diluted with wine at every meal.

Here are a few more historical books to discover!
IF you were me and lived in
I love the idea of exploring these books from the perspective of a child as it helps them relate to the lives that children live or would have lived in comparison to their own. Carole P. Roman’s books are a great way to explore different cultures and history. They each talk about the different aspects of the children’s lives such as the foods, housing, job prospects, and belief systems. Each historical book has it’s own art style. I really enjoyed looking at the different artist’s work.
Carole P. Roman is also author to story books. One that interested me in checking out is her Captain No Beard series. It looks like a fascinating series about an adventurous pirate. I also have a thing for pirates. 🙂
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