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Zirrly  Super Beads Birds 3d Magic Review

Zirrly Super Beads are a ingenious! Kids can create anything they can imagine and they stick together with water!

We had so much fun with our review of Zirrly Super Beads We reviewed the 3d Magic pack. It came with the supplies to create these adorable creations! The kids were excited about getting started. They planned out who was going to do which project. Loulou in the end decided she was going to free create while CB was going to be creating a duck.  Zirrly beads are great for hands on creative fun! The bead fuse together with a quick spray of water!

These little animals were 3d so they stand on their own once put together!

Super Beads Bird Set
This is the 3d Birds set!
These projects can be done without heat or glue! I love that about them because the kids can do them by their selves giving them a sent of satisfaction from completing a project start to finish.
Inside the box is everything you need to complete your projects even a spray bottle for the water. Our set came with two plastic template holders and three templates to build. It also came with the beads required to do the projects and a long plastic tool to use while building and removing the finished project from the holder. It came with 3 different patterns a duck, parrot, and another bird. They are all 3d and stand by themselves. The base is made the same as the bird is and the child assembles them together, kinda like a paper doll base.
Super Beads
The kids placed out the required materials and got to work. This is a GREAT small motor building activity. The beads stick into place and occasionally pop out but for the most part, building their creations was an easy and relaxing experience. They followed the patterns that were placed under the guides. They show which color beads and where to place them so the outcome will look like the picture. They were pretty easy to follow during the creation process. They fit inside the plastic guides and stay in place while the child works on their projects. They can also be used to free create like Lou Lou did. She made a heart to turn into a keychain for me. It was so sweet!
When they were done filling in all the different colored beads for the different projects they were working on. They sprayed the water with the enclosed water bottle onto their creations to make them stick. 
Their super cute art work was nearly ready to show off! 
Once you spray them with water, you have to wait for them to dry. Then put them together to make them 3d.
You can watch the process in their video they made. Ignore the work in progress that is our front porch at the moment. 🙂 It was the most sunny place to do this video.

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