Easily Learn Cursive Writing with CursiveLogic Review

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Easily Learn Cursive Writing with CursiveLogic Review

We have been trying to learn cursive for what seems like forever around here. My daughter has picked it up and does a fair job but my son has viewed it as the evil two headed dragon that accompanies writing in general. He has never had very good handwriting skills. I was excited to review the CursiveLogic program because I was hoping to help both children learn and perfect their cursive skills. I have watched their writing skills grow in not only cursive but I’ve seen them be more deliberate in all their writing and school work. As they sit straighter and practice better poster, I think they will only continue to improve.

Easily Learn Cursive Writing with CursiveLogic

Cursive Logic New Edition
CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack is set up to be a 10 week program that comes with this awesome workbook and webinar. They also have The Art of Cursive which is an adult coloring book to reinforce the shapes and skills of cursive writing. It has made the process a lot easier for us because it has broken the process down into manageable and remember-able lessons.

CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive

I had my daughter write out a statement before we started the program. I told her to do what she could so she took that quite literally and wrote those exact words. I wanted to see where we were starting and although it is readable I think there is a lot of room for improvement. When we completed most of the program, I had her write the same statement again. Looks so much better! She has improved more than I could have hoped for.

Before and After Examples

When the kids started public school many many moons ago, they decided they were no longer going to teach cursive writing as a skill. This was a huge eye opening moment for me as I have always loved cursive writing and one of the plethora of reasons I chose the home school route. I wanted my kids to learn to read and write in cursive and they wanted to learn it themselves as well…especially my daughter. Okay, mostly my daughter as my son goes kicking and screaming into anything that takes away his time preparing for his future Youtube gamer career. She would practice writing her name and letters on her own time even when she was quite small. I would write them and she would copy them but mostly she just drew them like she would a picture instead of writing them. That is what makes CursiveLogic so unique in their teaching method, it focuses on certain shapes and flows of letters instead of just writing the words. She has really enjoyed the program and her hand writing has blossomed.

CursiveLogic has a new and different way of learning cursive writing and building those hand and muscle movement skills. I like they have a shape based approach with a flow focusing on the similar shape as it makes learning each letter easier by grouping those shapes together. Visual cues play a large part such as color coded shapes. There is a 45 minute webinar that helps show you how to use the materials to teach your children how to write in cursive. It’s a very informative webinar that helps insure you and your child are getting the most out of the program. The video is very useful in reminding us about the proper way to learn to write such as posture and how to hold a pencil. It is a great refresher to watch to encourage a child on how to sit, hold their paper, and pencil.

Cursive Logic Sample Page
In the work book they will learn how to flow the letters and about the basic shapes of the letters. They have several opportunities to practice and trace words and phrases. It’s all about training that muscle memory to be able to form those shapes and write those letters even when not tracing them. There are also dry erase practice pages on the back for them to practice those skills over and over again.

I can remember learning the art of cursive writing when I was in school myself. I always loved the flow of the letters and how just about any statement looked like a flowery string of artistic creation. I was probably in the first or second grade when I was introduced to the way of writing in the private school setting I went to. Then comes years later and I have since combined my odd print with an even odder cursive to create my own handwriting that probably could use a little touching up. That is where The Art of Cursive comes into play. The kids can color these amazing pictures to reinforce what they have learned in the program and I can color them as well to get my hand writing more refined and refresh my sloppy style. It also contains lovely pictures and great quotes!

I adore this coloring book. It’s so much fun and I can tell the kids that I am practicing my writing too as a way to be an example for them. LouLou has been wanting to get a hold of it as she loves to color. I told her she would have to wait till it was her turn to learn cursive writing and I would get her one of her very own.

The Art of Cursive Logic

Sum it all up!

CursiveLogic is a new way to learn, solidify, or refresh cursive writing skills. It approaches teaching in a different way by looking at similar letter shapes to teach muscle memory. It comes with an informative webinar to teach the teacher how to get the most out of the program and to remind everyone about proper posture, paper, and pencil. The Art of Cursive is a fun adult coloring book that is a great after companion to the CursiveLogic program or as a way for adults to refine their cursive writing.

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