The Starfall Home Membership Review

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The Starfall Home Membership Review


The first thing my oldest came home from Kindergarten with was a note introducing us to Starfall Education Foundation. It was an amazing site that we frequently used for my then 4 and 5 year old religiously. Nightly we practiced our letters with colorful interactive images for most of their early education. That introduction was over eight years ago and even today Starfall is very relevant and helpful to our home school classroom. Even more so now because they have added so much new games, learning programs, and even printable customize-able work pages. It has become our go to educational app for our now Kindergartener. Let me tell you how The Starfall Home Membership has helped her grow her reading and math skills.

Starfall has so much to offer from learning the alphabet and letter sounds to even second grade math skills. It’s easy to use online with the pc or on a tablet with the app. My daughter uses it seamlessly on any device. She loves that she can create a character to use and I love that as she creates that character she is learning to read words along the way. She learns words about her body, things around the house, animals, and so much more in the Who Am I? section. This is one of her favorite areas to play!

Their alphabet wall is a great way to not only learn the letters of the alphabet but also the sounds they make. Through pertinent photos and fun interactive animations, she can learn words that start with each letter while retaining more information through play.She is also getting tons of mouse practice when she is playing on the PC. She can work both the site and the app on her own. Along with learning the alphabet, Starfall takes it further with access to reading games, books to read, and phonic games. It is the perfect addition to a learning to read curriculum and makes online time educational and fun.

Not only can they practice language art skills, they have sections dedicated to math, music, and holidays. The math section has fun games that cover a wide range of math skills. There are several different interactive games to help them learn about numbers. Our favorite is one where they count out the cookies and drag and drop them onto the plate.

They also have a music section to learn new nursery rhymes!

Along with all the online educational games, Starfall has a special parent section that is completely awesome. I haven’t been able to full explore it because there are just so much to look at. They have work pages you can customize and print for off line practice. These are great for learning to write and practice fine motor skills. I have had so much fun looking through and playing around creating new work sheets for little Lou Lou.

I created one with the letters of her name to practice writing each letter on a different line. It was so easy. I just had to enter the letters into their app and it created it for me. Hardly no work involved. She was so excited to see her name on it’s own work page.

I was also able to create her a page showing the fronts and backs of money for her to learn the difference and counting number practice pages. They are all customize-able and super easy to make. This is such a great feature for them to have and very useful.

Sum it all up!

Starfall Education Foundation is a great app for preschool through second graders to learn reading and math skills. Through the home membership kids will have access to a wonderful selection of games and interactive animated programs that they will love and enjoy using. Parents can use Starfall to create personalized worksheets for using offline to practice those skills as well. Starfall is a handy companion to any home school curriculum and most kids will enjoy the bright colors and fun games.

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