Medieval Pattern Practice For Preschool and Kindergarten

Medieval Pattern Practice For Preschool and Kindergarten

More Medieval fun with this Preschool and Kindergarten pattern practice pack!

This is the third addon to our Medieval Activity book. This pack explore patterns, sizes, and putting things in order.

This pack contains 6 different activities!

Strip cards

Laminate each for protection and prolonged use.

Cut out the cards and squares.
Finish each pattern with the correct square box.

Create a Pattern

Use the smaller boxes to recreate the pattern lines.

This also teaches about following an order.


Size Sort

Sort the boxes by size.

Finish the Pattern 1

Cut out the box and glue to the correct line.

Finish the pattern 2

Color the shield the color that should come next.


Color a pattern

Color each image in a pattern of colors such as red, blue, red, blue.

You can create the pattern or let them create it.

They can follow an ABAB, ABCABC, or other order. It’s open ended.


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