Encourage Writing Skills By Creating Your Own Books Online

Encourage Writing Skills By Creating Your Own Books Online

The other night, my daughter brought through a familiar notebook. It was her story writing book that she had been writing stories in since as far back as I can remember. She began to re read some of her earlier stories as she laughed at her own thought process. How silly she thought she was. In my eyes, I was quite proud of her skill level even as a young child and the imagination she filled each story. I listened to stories of evil tacos, sad donkeys, and dead sisters coming back to life for over an hour and was sad when we found the back of the book. I know she hasn’t wrote in her book for a while and I would love to encourage her to start writing again. I have been thinking of a few ways to get her back to writing and creating and found a few online resources to use that will make the creative process even more fun by allowing her to share her stories with the online world in a safe environment.

 Create Your Own Stories Online With These Sites

Story Jumper   – Story Jumper is a site where kids can create their own online books. No only can they use the easy drag and drop template process to create and share their own stories. They can read stories created by other kids!

My Story Book– My Story Book also features a drag and drop editor. This one gives the option to draw their own pictures or use a set of provided clip art to create their own books. They also provide a choice of scene backgrounds to give more freedom in the book building process.

Scribblitt –  Scribblitt offers kids the opportunity to create online books and then for a fee they can actually order their books in physical form.

Storybird – Storybird offers the art for children to use to create their books. They also have challenges to give inspiration on what to write and incentive to participate. The art is pretty amazing to look at all on it’s own.

Wattpad – Wattpad is more for the teens and up as it is more novel like story writing. It’s kinda like blog post writing as others can comment and respond to the story. Each story is wrote in chapter form and updated as often as the writer chooses.

Inklewriter – Inklewriter helps you to create interactive stories. Those fun stories we used to read when we were younger where you turned to a certain page based on the choice you make in the story. Ahh…memories.

Each site has it’s own merit. I often find myself getting lost in Wattpad as I find new and interesting stories created by authors I would never have known if it wasn’t for the app. Sometimes I find it hard to find a story I can really get lost in as there are ALOT of stories on there but once I find one I almost feel sad when it ends. I try to search for completed stories because I am impatient about updates. I think one day I may even try my hand at writing my own story….that is if I can ever find the time. Until then, I will leave the story creating business to my daughter and eagerly await each of her creations.



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