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Three and a half years ago we started on a journey that has made us better as a family. It has helped us to grow and find out how wonderful the world can be. It was home education. I knew when I had children I wanted to be their guide through childhood. To help them learn and grow at their own pace and be able to see the beauty around them that so often is over looked. It took my husband a little longer to jump on board but once he did…we never looked back. Part of the reason we have had such success with the transition to home school is finding and using great online resources. I’m always on the look out for sites that can aid our education and fire up their curiosity.   is a new resource I have been browsing recently and I wish I had found it three years ago while searching for supplemental materials for our curriculum. In fact, I think this site could have been the foundation of our curriculum. It is a subscription site for members only. Find out now how you can get your yearly membership started.

From printables to a video library, they have something fun and educational that everyone would enjoy.


I wanted to touch on several areas of the site that really impressed me, I thought I would start with the Preschool Playground. This section is dedicated to the little ones and FULL of great resources and suggestions. They have art project ideas, printable materials, and so much more to help them dip their feet into the world of school. One of the things I noticed straight away was the organization. I only wish I was that organized. I adore the layout. They have all the subjects separated so you can click on the subject you wish you work in and there you find all the lessons that pertain to that subject. It’s handy when I am in a rush and trying to put together our lesson plan for the week. The site is a great basis for starting to build a preschool home school program.


I want to focus just a little more on the Preschool Playground because I know that is where a lot of my readers are in their home school journey. I wanted to showcase a few of the things available there. The site has biblical roots and has a good bit of Bible lessons for kids. The lessons they have aimed at Preschoolers are printable stories, videos, or guides to help you guide them in their spiritual journey. Lou Lou particularly liked the Donkey Ollie printable books. They are brightly colored story books about a little donkey named Ollie who is learning and asking questions about Jesus. We have read The Lord’s Prayer book several times now to learn how we should pray. Along with Bible lessons, you will find art projects and lessons about history, science, language arts, and other subjects.

You also get access to World Book which has a ton of fun learning materials and videos for kids. They have games to play as well. It is set up similar to an app and kids can browse through it to find new things about important people, animals, history, or science.

Preschool in a Box!

There is also this feature called Preschool in a Box. It’s a printable week by week lesson plan for the little ones. Each lesson has songs, sensory play idea, printables, and book suggestions to learn about specific topics. I would have loved to have had this resource back in my day care days. Easy planned out schedule all full of fun ideas and ready for playtime. Here is a small sample of the Preschool In A Box printables.

School Aged Children

School age children is where things get even better. I was sold before but then I dove into a treasure trove of wonderful resources that I have already been implementing into our day to day schedule. I have so much to say about this area that I’m not sure I can get it all out in one post. You can browse by subject or grade and find their well organized menus (that I am completely jealous of).

High-quality, Self-paced, Online Homeschool Resources {}
I have a sixth grader and a seventh grader who both are so different in their learning styles. I have had such a hard time finding a system that has worked for each child as an individual. I thought I had it worked out by switching them into an online public school at the beginning of this year. My daughter has done well but has been so frustrated at their curriculum. She has had such a hard time understanding their wordy and unhelpful instructions particularly in math. This has made her feel uneasy about what she is learning. My son has been dragged through this semester kicking and screaming the entire way and hating every second of it. I printed off a few of the math worksheets a day for them to get some extra practice in while on holiday. I can’t express how much I love the layout of their math work pages.

My daughter has made the statement over and over again about how she actually feels smart again. They are straight to the point with examples and practice work. They are perfect for her and I love that we have finally found something that works for her and she loves. These math work pages alone are worth gold to me.

An actual quote from CB,”I actually enjoy this site. It’s not overwhelming and I feel like I learn it.”

My son will never be as joyous as her about school work. I’m just thankful I have been able to get him to do his school work without having to resort to threats of Xbox brutality and he has a feeling of accomplishment. There is a couple of printable books they have that has him VERY excited for me to print for him. They have a section where you can learn about professions in several different “I Want To Be…” books. He wants to be either in the military or a video game designer. Luckily, the site has a book for each of them that talks about the different professions and each book has fun activities for the kids to do related to that profession. He is really excited to work on each one of them next week! I can’t believe he is asking to do school work.

Art Appreciation!

I am in love with their Art section. They have many lessons to teach children about art and the history of art. Art is a huge part of our home. I have always had a slight inclination to lean toward the creative side. We have downloaded quite a few of the books from Art section. I’m impressed with the quality of them and have used them to teach more of the history of art. We have created a few different types of art based on ideas from the books and the kids have had a blast!


Sum it all up!

I kinda feel I’ve went on far enough even though there is so much left I want to say. I wanted to sum up a few of the things I have said and add a couple more facts before letting you go check it out yourself. It is a subscription site with a monthly or yearly fee. Their curriculum has a Biblical worldview and a foundation firm in the Bible. They have resources for toddlers to 12th grade in a wide range of subjects as well as a WIDE selection of videos in their video library to add even more educational value. It contains so many different resources that there is something for every kid. I am so jealous of their organizational skills that even I as an adult feel I have so much to learn from them.

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