Color And Build Reindeer And Sleigh Printable STEAM Craft Project

Color And Build Reindeer And Sleigh Printable STEAM Craft Project

Who doesn’t love a good easy craft?

I have been wanting to do more color and build projects but haven’t had the time lately but if we wait for the time to do something it will never get done. Life is busy and crazy and there will probably never be “enough time”. I decided to make time to do this project which I have been thinking about since…well awhile now. There are two crafts in this pdf. One is for a reindeer and the other is for a sleigh you can fill with candy or other decorations. They don’t have to go together but you can always add in the Color and Build Santa Claus  and create a Christmas whole scene. I tried to make these as simple as possible for the kids to be able to do them on their own but they may need help with cutting the small slots and leg slots.

What you need:

  • Patterns (print from file below)
  • Scissors
  • Markers, paint, or crayons
  • Glue
  • Paper Tube (optional)

Building Tips:

  • It’s always easier to color before you cut.
  • Cut around the outside of the patterns. The inside lines are for folding.
  • Glue the body to the paper tube before cutting if using a tube.
  • If you want your reindeer to stand, use thick paper or glue the pattern to thicker paper before cutting it out.

How To Build:

For the reindeer:

After cutting out all the pieces, fold on the fold lines. You don’t have to fold the body if you are using a paper tube. You can fold the body instead of using a tube if you don’t have one handy. Either way works.

Cut small slot on top of head to insert antlers. Glue the head tabs together and then to the body.

Cut slots to slide in legs.

For the sleigh:

Cut around sleigh. Fold on fold lines and glue tabs to inside of sleigh. Glue runners on to outside of sleigh at the bottom.

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