Preschool and Kindergarten Fairy Wood Land Creatures Worksheet and Activity Book 70 Pages of Fun! #free Printable

Preschool and Kindergarten
Fairy Wood Land Creatures Worksheet and Activity Book
70 Pages of Fun!

70 pages full of different activities to practice basic concepts, counting, and get creative with!

I admit I had not planned to do a wood land creature pack, I guess it was just a moment of inspiration (which means completely by accident). Anyway, I really like how the art for this set turned out and had some fun creating new ideas while the kids were visiting Granny for her birthday. I think I will work a little more with this clip art set and make some counting cards and maybe a puzzle pack in the near future.

I am also still working on the Winter No Prep Pack but time isn’t in abundance so I am hoping to have it finished by the end of next month. I am really excited about this pack and the way these packs have grown since I first started making them. I hope you enjoy this one and are looking forward to our next printable pack coming soon!

What is included:

  • Graphing worksheets
  • Creative Activities
  • Upper And Lower Case Matching
  • Living and Non Living Workseets
  • Sight Word – They practice pages
  • Sight Word Search
  • Several animal tracing pages
  • Cutting Practice
  • Math and Counting Pages
  • And Much More!


This pack has a few different worksheets aimed at sight words as well as a couple that focus on living and non living things. I also included several trace and write pages with different animals. Each trace and write as the animal to trace as well as the first letter and the word. I like these pages because not only are they learning fine motor control but they are learning a little about drawing and line control.



I aimed to include more fun activities in this pack such as cutting practice and finish the drawing. There are color by number and a number puzzle. This pack has several different activities appropriate for a wider age range of kids. I love the character cutting activity because you can use it for so many things. You can laminate them and use them in play dough play or story telling as well as letting the kids practice their fine motor skills. I also included some writing and drawing papers so their can write or draw their own stories.

As usual, I included several different counting and math activities. I like to give Lou plenty of opportunities to practice these skills. These are mostly on the basic side no more than counting to 10 but they work great for beginners or to review with the older kids.

Download this book by clicking below.

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