Light Up The Night With Super Wubble Bubble Brite Review @SuperWubble #SuperWubbleBrite

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Light Up The Night With SUPER Wubble Bubble Brite

What could be better than a Wubble Bubble? A LED light up Wubble Bubble! My kids are HUGE Wubble Bubble fans! We have had several and have loved every one of them. We have waited awhile to test this one out and were really excited when it arrived. The kids couldn’t wait to test it out!

At first glance it looks like other Wubble Bubbles although it’s solid white with a little indention created by the LED light on the side. It is self sealing and closes it’s self off after pumping. It doesn’t stay inflated more than a few days but is really quick to inflate. The kids were pretty rough on it outside on the gravel and it didn’t pop. CB was kicking it up into the air and Lou Lou was sitting on it. It really is so much stronger than the original. I was pretty impressed with it’s durability.

They put it through the ringer to see just how far they could push it. It withstood their torture and was still inflated that night to try out the LED light up feature. I did find it in the living room the next day deflated and under the leg of the coffee table. I thought it was punctured because the coffee table’s legs are heavy metal and it was underneath them. I have no idea how it got there but with my little five year old tornado I can only speculate. I pulled it out to examine the damage but to my surprise there wasn’t any. It blew right back up for another round of fun!

I love the self sealing feature because it makes the Wubble Bubble reusable. You can blow it up and deflate it over and over. It makes it great for travel and to take for on the go fun. We took it with us on vacation last week and the kids were able to play with it in the yard of the hotel we stayed at. Because it is solid white, it does tend to grab up the dirt but is easily washed off in the sink after they are done playing with it. I think this would be a great gift this Christmas but they are pretty popular so you may want to get look now or they may all be sold out! Purchase them here!

Super Wubble Brite is also available at Target, Toys R Us and more!

Check out the color cycling LED lights! It looks great in the dark!

What would you do with a Super Wubble Bubble Brite?

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