Geomatrix STEM Building Blocks from California Creations Review

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Geomatrix STEM Building Blocks from California Creations Review

As the Holiday season draws closer I have been on the lookout for great gifts to go under the tree that are fun but also education. Geomatrix is one of those gifts. It is STEM approved and so much fun the kids can’t get enough of them. This set would make a great Christmas gift for any age group above the age of 4. There are small magnets in each piece that could be a safety hazard to children under 4.

These magnetic blocks are unique from the others we have played with in several ways. One is that they are closed shapes with small magnetic balls in each block. They are brightly colored and in geometric shapes such as squares, triangles, and hexagons. They can be used to teach fractions, shapes, patterns, or just for creative building. The magnets inside are round and rotate to attract on all angles. They can be used to connect on each side and you don’t have to find the correct angle to connect them.

They also work really well with a magnetic dry erase board. We use it as a story board to stick the magnets to and tell each other stories. They also are the perfect size for teaching about half and whole. Two squares equals one rectangle. The triangles can be put together to form shapes as well! They can also be counted and subtracted to help understand numbers better. We have put them to great use in our Kindergarten lessons. Loulou loves the bright colors and magnets…she doesn’t even realize she is doing math.

The older kids mostly wanted to use them for free build and creativity. They had so much fun with the Geomatrix that my son actually hid some in his room so he could play with them when he was supposed to be sleeping.

A few other ideas:

Play a balancing act game by taking turns to see who knocks over the tower!

Take turns trying to recreate each other’s patterns.

Use to learn shapes or as math manipulatives. 

What would you build with these awesome blocks?

 How about a skateboarding guy? A Princess? Cake? Duck? Spaceship?Watch as each shape takes form with these fun and versatile blocks!

California Creations

Check out the other awesome products on California Creations website! They have made several entries on our Christmas lists!


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