The Frustrations of The First Month of Teaching A Kindergartner

The Frustrations of The First Month of Teaching A Kindergartner

Many of you wonder about the vague sound of crickets heard around the blog this past couple weeks. I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth I promise. Instead I have fallen into the world of Kindergarten. Kindergarten is a special time but can be very frustrating for the adult trying to navigate through. It’s been one of the hardest things I have attempted since beginning this home education journey. At this point I want to give every Kindergarten teacher every where a hug and a psyche evaluation.

Loulou is a smart child. She catches on quickly when she wants to. She is also a stubborn and head strong child. Which means when she doesn’t want to do something, she isn’t going to no matter the consequence. Normally, I am proud (and sometimes jealous) of her decision making skills and strong devotion to those choices. Early in the morning during review time…I am wondering if those traits are as good as I thought they were.

I have high hopes that our issues are just first month change of routine issues so this post is just about the first month of Kindergarten. I’m still in denial about the difficulty of the task of which I have taken on. I love her so I will continue to pull my hair out as I beg her to try one more time to do a task that she was doing with her eyes closed only moments before and has now forgotten how. At least I know it’s a normal five year old behavior from talking to other parents and past experience.

So here is what I have learned from my first month as a Kindergartner Learning Coach (that is what they call us in the online school we started with this year but it’s just a fancy term for mom who watches children do school work).

  1. 5 year old children have a selective memory.

    They will remember a treat you promise them when you are rushing through Walmart and just want to make it out the door and will agree to almost anything. The will not remember you told them to do a full page of As instead of just five.

  2. 5 year old children need to be entertained.

    Music is a great learning tool. Youtube has a plethora of educational videos that help when mom is getting frustrated and need a quick break to get her bearings. It also helps to seal in the information in that growing brain.

  3. 5 year old children are their own person.

    Just because one of the other children picked something up faster or an activity worked so well with one child doesn’t mean it will work with another or they will pick it up the same way. Each child is a completely different and unique puzzle to figure out.

  4. 5 year old children are always up for a book and a snuggle.

    When things get dicey and frustrations run high, take out a book and take a break. Snuggle close and reconnect. School work will always be there later but once everyone is in the right mind frame it will go a lot easier.

  5. 5 year old children love to learn.

    Even when they seem so resistant to the process, they are eager to learn. They just want to learn in their own way. It is our job to find out what works on their level and help guide them through the journey.

Just keep in mind that this time too shall pass and all too quickly. Before you know it they will be asking you about quadrilaterals and how to solve for x… if you thought Kindergarten was frustrating…just wait till you have to figure out the Box-And-Whisker plot chart.


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