Crime Drama Vs Kid Drama… Who Will Win?

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I live in a house divided and with school back in session cutting into our entertainment time, there are no more neutral corners. It is GAME ON! We have two sides in our house, those of us who would rather watch our character find clues to solve the latest who done it and those of us who would rather watch our characters sing, dance, or look for glowing ghost swords. Although each side has it’s advantages it does make choosing the nightly movie an event worthy of building a backyard wrestling ring.

The Crime Drama side consists of CB and myself. I use my all powerful mother manipulation tactics that I have honed over years of practice with trial and error. CB uses her oldest sibling brute force approach. The Kid Drama team is Bub and Lou. Bub incorporates his middle child syndrome and innate ability to preform the perfect puppy dog face. Lou has cuteness and tiny hands to work with. She can hide remotes places no one else can get to. With both sides so evenly matched it can sometimes be a challenge…we often have to break out of our preferred genres to make everyone happy. A little compromise can often lead to finding something new on Netflix that we would never have thought to watch.

A little underhanded persuasion doesn’t hurt either. For example, pointing out that there is an adorable dog that gets bottled water and regular massages in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt did happen to get me an afternoon of Kimmy with little complaint as they watched for the dog scenes. Here are a few tactics you can use to get your way.

The kids can also use persuasion to get their way. Trollhunters is one of my son’s favorites. Here is a chart that was practically made just for him.

What about date night? Tired of your significant others choices? Want more Marvel in your life? Marvel for me is a genre all on it’s own. You have drama, suspense, love, super powers, and actual story lines that get you involved. My husband would rather watch mountain men carve knives out of saw wheels scavenged from lakes. So how do I get him to see it my way? Persuasion and subliminal manipulation of course. Netflix has made this handy chart to help us introduce a little Marvel into our lives no matter what our genre preference is.

Now what about the little ones. What do they have up their sleeves to get their way? They have the Beat Bugs…because everyone likes to hear these cute little bugs sing their own version of Beatles songs. This is a show that wins out often due to the abundance of sing along opportunities and life lessons it squeezes in. As the little one says, we can work it out if we work together…she says we need to learn more about team work and getting along so Beat Bugs it is. My five year old is well versed at the art of persuasion.

By the way, Beat Bugs now has a line of awesome products you can purchase at Target! From headphones so they can listen to their favorite Beat Bugs songs to giant coloring books full of Beat Bugs characters to color. They even have a toy line that can get the kids using those imagination skills and their singing skills as they make their bugs work together and sing along.

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