Building Imagination With Lottie Dolls #giveaway

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Building Imagination With Lottie Dolls

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From the day I introduced the Lottie dolls to my two girls, they have been none stop talk about them. It took them a half hour to decide which one of the adorable dolls they wanted to choose. There was so many choices and they looked over each and every one of them. They finally settled on School Days and Pony Club with a gymnastic accessory pack. Then the wait began. The dolls actually came in super fast but they were just so excited for them to arrive that they had a hard time waiting even the three short days.

They dolls arrived into the open arms of two very excited little girls. CB opened the box and pulled her dolls out. She remarked that her doll looked just like her including glasses. Lou was next and was surprised to see her doll looked like her. The dolls are made to resemble real children. They are designed after a normal nine year old and therefore both girls immediately felt they were relatable. The dolls also come in normal kid clothes such as going to school, gymnastics, rainy day rain coats. They are little girls just like my little girls.


Lottie dolls were inspired by real children. These adorable little girls go one a lot of adventures with their accessory packs. My daughters like different things but they both found a Lottie doll that they felt a connection with. CB found one with the school days doll who goes to school in her proper school girl outfit with her book bag during the day but after school she practices her gymnastics where she wins gold metals. Lou’s doll is a champion horse rider whose horse does remarkable tricks like climbing the wall and back flips.

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The pony club doll fits on her horse and rides all over the place. The girls loved the clothes. They are so well made and the attention to detail is amazing. There is even a number for the front of the gymnastic outfit.

CB is a huge gymnastics fan. It didn’t take long at all before school day was over and we moved on to gymnastics play. The doll is fairly flexible which made CB extremely happy. She loves to make her dolls do all the tricks that she sees the gymnasts do on tv. Look at that adorable book bag…too cute, and it really holds stuff!

Lou’s doll came with a helmet that fit on to her head, a coat, shirt, pants, and boots. The horse has a riding blanket and saddle. The horse is one solid piece but pretty realistic. Lou had that horse all over the place. Like the dolls are designed to do, she took her doll and horse on several adventures. She used her imagination to turn our living room into a riding trail and her room into a stable. The doll was also introduced to her other friends and sits beside her bed each night awaiting the next day’s adventures.

Lottie’s motto is Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You!

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