Parragon Books Unboxing Back To School Homeschool Curriculum Edition!

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Parragon Books Unboxing Back To School Homeschool Curriculum Edition!

I always get so excited when I see a new Parragon Book Buddies box has arrived but this time I was even more so excited because of what was inside. I’m not really sure how that is possible because as a book lover a box of books is better than just about anything else. Sometimes they don’t even make it long enough to get the camera ready before we are tearing into the box to see what mysterious wonders it holds. They never disappoint but this time…this time they hit the nail on the head with timing and contents.

As a lot of you venture into the school year, I know some of you have stumbled onto my blog in search of ideas or activities to aid in your homeschool journey. I myself have been scrambling about trying to find great ways to supplement my daughter’s schooling. Parragon has it covered with their The Learnalots collection. They have each age group covered from preschool to second grade in brightly colorful books full of learning activities and fun animal characters with a focus on math and literacy. Lou loved the fun images and stickers which made her so much more excited to start back to school and learn!

Here is Lou’s unboxing video showing off the many different Learnalot books in action! She sure does love her stickers! 🙂

There are several different Learnalot products we like but they small book sets were out favorites. Each set comes in a carrying case to take out and about. Inside the Velcro closed case are five books. The preschool collection focuses on Animals, Shapes, Colors, Counting, and Alphabet practice in fun colorful work page books. Each book comes with it’s own reward stickers!

The Kindergarten set gets a little more advanced and focuses on Math, Phonics, Science, Writing, and Social Skills.

The larger workbooks are made with thick heavy duty paper and come equipped with many different activities. The pages are brightly colored with fun art and great ideas. Each book focuses on a different age group with the activities it practices. Such as Kindergarten is aimed more at learning to write, math skills, and more advanced science skills than the Preschool book.

The books are broken down into sections with each section having a different color line on the top and bottom to making locating the next subject easy even for little hands.

The art is by far the best I have seen in workbooks. It all flows so well from one activity to the next. The characters are fun and likeable while the animals and other items are colorful and recognizable. Although not one of us knew what a Nuthatch was until this book. That goes for a Urial too.

Each book comes with scores of reward stickers to make completing each activity that much more exciting!

Along with the workbooks, Learnalots also have game books such as this one for First Grade. Inside you will find questions, riddles, jokes and much more that are on level with kids in that age group.

This book has become a family favorite because even an older child can learn a few new things from it. Plus who doesn’t love a good joke?

Check out the Learnalot collection on Amazon for more educational fun!

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