Rockabye Plush Rockers Review

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Rockabye Plush Rockers Review

If you are looking for an awesome gift for that sweet baby in your life, check out the Rockabye rockers!

Rockabye rockers are solid made fun rockers for kids ages 9 months to 3 years. Although little man is only 5 months, he still loved them. He smiled when he saw the sailboat and was even more excited by the fun and colorful pirate ship. They are made in the USA which means they are made with quality materials that are safe for baby to chew on and play with. They really are a great premium rocker.


We were able to review two of these fun rockers. This adorable red, white, and blue sail boat. With it’s dark blue base and red and white accents it would fit in with any decor. There is so much for the child to manipulate on these making them more than a ride on rocker but a play piece. The soft cloth is minky and so soft. The colors are bright and go together perfectly. And the small additions are added just right and perfectly.

Little man loved to pull on the soft sails. He was very intrigued with them because they were soft and easy to grasp. They aren’t the only parts of the design he enjoyed grasping. There was also two life preservers on the back that when pressed produce a happy squeak.

On the deck of the boat is four buttons that each play a different song. The songs are ABCs, shapes, counting, and a fun rocking song. They are fun and the buttons are easy to push that even the little man was able to push them to hear the music.

Structurally they are made of a solid wooden base. The hardware used is high quality and looks awesome. You can even have them customized with the child’s name on the rocker.

The other rocker we tested out was the pirate ship. CB referred to the sailboat as his business ride and this one was his fun ride. The pirate ship is a colorful fun rocker with so much for the kids to do!

Ahoy Doggie Pirate Ship Play and Rock

He seemed to fit a little better for his size on this one. It isn’t quite as wide but fits him perfectly. He was all excited about the different sails he could tug on and the fun colors. The back end is soft and plush, just right for a comfortable ride. These fun rockers really combine the fun of imagination and dramatic play. They can be pirates or sailors while safely playing in their own space. Rockabye has so much different fun styles to choose from. They have elephants to unicorns available.

The back end has a treasure chest that really opens and closes with velcro closure. Inside are two puppy buddies attached with a ribbon to keep them from getting lost. The puppy pirates are so soft and cute, perfect for chewing on or pillaging the living room with.

The ship’s wheel has the addition of 4 buttons each a different shape and plays a different song. The songs teach ABCs, counting, and more!

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