Quick And Easy Apple Pie Pockets With Chicago Metallic

This post is facilitated by Chicago Metallic by allowing us to review this awesome pastry pan!

Quick And Easy Apple Pie Pockets With Chicago Metallic

It’s been a little while since I have shared one of our super easy baking projects. I wouldn’t exactly call this one a recipe but more of a dessert hack. A super easy way to make a delicious apple pie pocket that you can do in less than a half hour and make people think you spent the whole morning baking.

All you need is two ingredients and an awesome pan! Dole Fruit n’ Spice cinnamon apple slices can be found in the frozen fruit section. The come already seasoned and ready to cook with. How cool is that? You can also grab a premade pie crust roll while in the cold foods and you will have all the ingredients you need! Next is to use the right pan. I was able to review this pastry pocket pan set from Chicago Metallic. It’s a shaped pan to bake your fruit pockets to perfection but what is even cooler is it comes with it’s own cut and shape tool. You can use it to make fruit pies, meat pies, or veggie pies

Start off by getting your ingredients ready. Defrost your apples. I was impatient and put them in the microwave. It was kinda hard not to eat them straight out of the microwave because they smelled so good.

Unroll your pie crust and use the cut and shape tool to cut out your mini crusts. I got six out of each pie crust circle.

Place the crust in the shaper tool and add your apples. Then just push it closed and put it into the pan!

Throw your pies into the oven on 450 for 10 to 15 minutes or until they began to golden.

What could be more easy? I sprinkled the finished product with some extra cinnamon and a little sugar. They were super flaky and delicious.

You can watch the process with this video I made. Please be kind, I haven’t don’t a cooking video before.


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