The Play Vision’s Sensory Challenge! Which is your favorite?

Thanks to PlayVision for facilitating this post and allowing us to participate in this challenge!

The Play Visions Sensory Challenge! Which is your favorite?

Play Dirt, Sands Alive, or Poof

We were so excited to try out all the different sensory materials in the box. We have actually had experienced each one before and knew we were about to have some fun. Sensory materials are like gold in this house…especially these three products from Play Visions. Sands Alive has ALWAYS been a house favorite. The white smooth medium weight sand that is mold-able is so versatile. We have used it in several different play boxes. We made a dinosaur sand pit where we buried dinosaurs and they dug them out. They used it to make snowmen in the middle of the hottest Winter we have ever had. Sands Alive is a must have around here. With the arrival of Floof, we added a new favorite. Floof is a super light weight material that is also mold-able but is light as air. It’s made a great material to pretend to make ice cream for a pretend icecream stand. Play Dirt was a recent try. It’s more heavy and has more of a scent to it. It’s like playing in dirt but not as dirty. 🙂

The box was sitting on the table when the kids came through the house. The side labeled Sensory Challenge Kit which the older kids automatically read out loud. They were all excited about what was in the box. They couldn’t wait to get started.

Each of the three materials is different and unique. They each have a different smell, feel, and texture as well as weight.

Floof is the lightest. It is soft and marshmallow like. It’s light as air but mold able.

Sands Alive is the medium weight material. It’s a mold-able sand that falls apart when moved. You can mold it into any shape and works great with sand toys.

Play Dirt is the heaviest. It’s more like real dirt but still feels like Sands Alive. It’s more gritty textured.

They all had so much fun playing with the materials. I know they each had a favorite but you will have to watch the video to see which one it is!

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