Liqui Fuze Creative Building Blocks Using Water To Magically Hold Them Together!

Thanks to PlayVision for facilitating this post and allowing us to play with the new Liqui Fuze blocks!

Liqui Fuze Creative Building Blocks Using Water To Magically Hold Them Together!

When I first heard of Liqui Fuze I was on vacation away from the house. I was very intrigued by the concept and immediately searched to find out more. The more I seen, the more I wanted to test this product out. The idea of using water to stick blocks together and creatively build without the limits of having to fit holes into holes or pegs into places. The openness of the activity really appealed to me.

The kids thought they were a little small at first. Some of the blocks are pretty small. They are more for the older children. They are smooth feeling and come in different bright colors and sizes. We tried three different sets. Each set came with different pieces to create different things. There was the Starter Kit which Lou wanted to play with. She liked the idea of building whatever she wanted. CB went for the Playground and Bub naturally jumped all over the Cars set.

Lou was the most excited. She loves being creative and building things. She also has such a great imagination I knew whatever she came up with would be wonderful…and it was. She was building long after the video was over and the other two abandoned her for their video games. She built the playground and kids to play on it as well as many other structures.

The sets each came with an aqua pen, tons of blocks to build with, and a green tray to sort them into.

All you have to do is add water to the pens and press them a few times to get the water flowing. They use the pens to apply the water to the blocks and hold them together for just a moment. They stick so well that most of the stuff they built is still together. You can take them apart and reuse them again or you can hold onto your creation for display!

The kids did a video showcasing the product in action! Take a look at how easy they are to build with!

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