Low Carb Grilled Cheese Egg White Sandwich

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Low Carb Grilled Cheese Egg White Sandwich

As someone who has been on the Keto diet for over a year, I am always looking for new ideas to create new low carb meals. I had an idea to create this kinda copy of an old favorite and in turn created a new favorite. I can remember eating grilled cheese with my dad when I was younger and I was hoping to recreate that feeling in a low carb dish that I can whip up quick for fast lunch.

Ingredients needed:

4 egg whites
Cheddar Cheese
Olive Oil
A Good non stick pan such as the Ozeri Professional Series Induction Pan

Ozeri Professional Series Induction Pan in Black Onyx, Made in Italy

My first step is to choose the right tools for the job. I have had an issue with finding a pan that I really like. I want one that doesn’t stick and make my eggs fall apart when I try to flip them. For some reason I have horrible luck with eggs. My omelets usually turn into scrambled eggs more often that omelets. I thought since I have such a hard time with eggs than that would be the first thing I cooked in my Ozeri Induction Pan. Which is where the idea for the low carb grilled egg white sandwich can from. Eggs, cheese, and tomato…YUM!

The Ozeri pan did a wonderful job with my eggs. The eggs actually didn’t stick at all. In fact they slid around the pan without sticking at all. The pan is pretty heavy. It feels well made and comfortable to hold on to. It’s made in Italy and has a great non stick coating. The eggs cooked evenly and quickly without burning. I was so excited because they looked so good.

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I separated the egg whites for this dish. I don’t always separate my eggs but I was aiming at more of a cloud bread taste except I totally forgot that cloud bread needed cream cheese. It still turned out quite nice. I did throw the egg whites in the blender till they thickened. After the blender I placed them in the pan. I rolled the edges up to create the square shape and added my cheese. Super quick and easy!

After the eggs were cooked and the cheese melted, I placed my “bread” on a plate and added the tomato slice. I was then ready to eat my lunch. I was actually able to pick it up and eat it just like a sandwich. Tasted more like a cheesy tomato omelet but was still delicious and it didn’t stick!

What I ended up with was a quick easy lunch that was perfect for me! What is a new low carb recipe you have tried lately?

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