Awesome Summer Read List! Parragon Book Buddies Unboxing For June!

Awesome Summer Read List! Parragon Book Buddies Unboxing For June!

It’s Summer time and thanks to Parragon our book list is full of fun and interesting books to keep our minds sharp and hands busy! This month we have an awesome list of books to review. Each one of these books would make for a great Summer afternoon activity.

Check out our video unboxing!

4000 Stickers Under the Sea

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I have loved the 4000 stickers book collection. Each one has been full of fun activities, stickers, and loads of bright colors. This one has 50 different brightly colorful activities for the kids to complete as well as TONS of stickers. There is nothing better than tons of stickers to a kid. These are perfect to give as gifts.

Disney Moana Born to Voyage (8 X 8 Activity & Sticker Book)

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Moana is all the rage this Summer. This book has some great pencil toppers you can punch out as well as a few activities to keep the kids happy. This book is perfect for that trip where you want something that has a lot of different things inside without taking up a whole lot of space.

Disney Moana Choose Your Destiny (Meet the Characters)

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Another Moana gem is this Choose Your Destiny book. Stickers and fun. This book would also make a great take along when you are on the go this Summer!

Know Your Knots Kit

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If you are working with a beach or ocean theme this book is a must. It’s great for all ages and the will learn skills they can use the rest of their lives. This book teaches kids how to tie nautical knots. It’s a fun family activity where everyone can gather around the table to learn a new skill together.

Professor Murphy’s Marble Mania

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Marble Mania is the perfect afternoon family activity. There are three different activities to build different marble games. You then can challenge each other to see who scores the most points. The games are made from thick cardboard and all the necessary materials are included!


Kids Teens Emoji Emojies Expressions Smiley Crazy Happy Laughter Wink Emoticon Sticker Activity (2000 Stickers)

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Another fun sticker book. My older daughter went crazy for this one! She just loves Emojies and this book is full of them. It has several activity pages and with 2000 stickers it will keep her busy sticking emojies on every surface of her room for awhile.

Doodle and Draw Spots, Stripes and Squiggles (Doodle Books)

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My daughter’s favorite of the bunch was the Doodle and Draw Spots, Stripes, And Squiggles book. She loves all the fun bright colorful activities. In this book she has drawn, counted, colored, and created patterns. She carried this one with her for a few days. I like the simple art and fun educational activities.


What is on your Summer Reading list?

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